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Leggi l'articolo e segno True (vero) e False (falso) per le seguenti frasi:
Dominic has an excellent memory
He can remember numbers and names
He became world champion because he won at the casino
Dominic is married
He works for a TV Studio
Dominic is usually welcome in casinos
He can win a lot of money because he remembers cards
One night he won six hundred and fifty pounds in four hours
Associa alle parole il loro significato
A few
get money
some, not many
greatest, most powerful
go away
was successful, obtained
a person who plays cards for money
goals in a football match
This is Robert. ... British.
How old are you? ... 25 years old.
Jane... speak German very well
... is she from?
Excuse me, .. a bank near here?
People ... a large breakfast in Italy, just a quick coffee with biscuits
Do you like jazz music? Yes, ...
Where are the kids? They ... in the garden.
... a sandwich and an orange juice?
I'm sorry, there isn't ... beer in the fridge
What time .. Jack tonight? At 9 p.m.
Last summer we... on holiday to Spain
Do you like my new dress? How neat! Where ... it?
Mrs Brown, please, sit down. ... a cup of tea?
What about a Japanese restaurant tonight? I... Japanese food.
How long... this car? For 2 years
I feel awful. I think I've got flu. I think you ... go home and call the doctor.
We're having a picnic tomorrow. I hope it ..
I love cycling, what about you? I think motor racing is... than cycling.
It's mum's birthday next week. What present ... give her?
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