Romancing the Capital 2019 Pre-order for Zoe York/Ainsley Booth
Do you want a book from me at RTC 2019? Pre-order it here! I've listed the titles I expect people might be interested in, but there's a field at the bottom for you to request anything specific you don't see here.

You can explore all my books at and

Payment: I'm happy to take cash at RTC, or you can pay in advance via PayPal. All prices in CAD.

Please note that the Frisky Beavers books will only be single-signed by me, not double-signed with Sadie.

** All prices are fixed by printing costs; more expensive books are bigger! **

PRE-ORDER FORM CLOSES July 15, 2019, to allow time for printing/shipping!

A NOTE RE: ANTHOLOGIES: these are harder for me to get printed myself, so I highly recommend you order those from Amazon or Book Depository and bring with you! I'll also happily sign any copies bought at previous signings -- this is true for all anthologies, Rogue or Love in Transit! That's part of the fun of the multi-author collections, getting signatures over time.
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Pine Harbour Series by Zoe York (check all that you'd like to pre-order)
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Wardham (Zoe's first sexy small town series! check all you'd like to pre-order)
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Vikings in Space (check all that you'd like to pre-order)
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Frisky Beaver Series by Ainsley Booth/Sadie Haller (check all that you'd like to pre-order)
Forbidden Bodyguards Series by Ainsley Booth (check all that you'd like to pre-order)
Billionaire Secrets Series by Ainsley Booth (check all that you'd like to pre-order)
Love in Transit anthology
Each of the LiT authors has their own copy of this anthology; they are identical except for the spine, which says "AINSLEY BOOTH EDITION", etc. If you have previously purchased a copy from BJ Harvey, Jana Aston, Kitty French, Raine Miller or Liv Morris, I will happily sign that copy at RTC!!! If you don't have a copy yet, you can pre-order from me here for an Ainsley Booth edition.
Want another book I didn't list? Tell me here!
If you have any questions, email me at If a paperback is available on Amazon, I can get it for you for pre-order, too, and my cost may be cheaper. Also, this form was created in April 2019. If at any point before June 2019 I release more books you might like, feel free to come back and fill it out again -- I'll be able to link up your orders no problem. I'll try to add new releases to this as well. ~ Zoe/Ainsley
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