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To educate, guide and share a love and appreciation of Theater Arts. To celebrate diversity, build confidence and learn to work together as a team while building confidence, communication skills, self worth and performance skills. To provide a safe place of expression, creativity and a commitment to nurturing and creating artists from the inside out.

Grand Performing Arts (GPA) is a family owned business that was dreamed, created and founded by Kristi Grand and Ryanne Joslin. Together, they bring education of the arts and the hearts to the Tri-Valley in a forum conducive to growth, positivity and nurturing inner talents in ALL children and children at heart!

Grand Performing Arts is a family theater company designed to nurture the artist in every one of us. From seasoned performers to amateurs young and old, Grand Performing Arts has a unique way of including everyone that has a love for theater, family, community connection and desire to take the stage. Everyone that registers for a GPA production is automatically placed into the performance ensemble and eligible to audition for a lead role. Grand Performing Arts is the leading force of mixing Arts & Hearts and the results on and off the stage are absolutely life changing. Join Grand Performing Arts today and gain a family, a community and a safe place to play.

Kristi Grand, Artistic Director/Choreographer and Founder, has worked her whole life in and around the stage. Growing up as a competitive dancer and a Musical Theater performer in the East Bay, she realized early that dance and the arts offered much more than just an extracurricular activity. Kristi began dancing at the age of 3 and competitively danced well into her teens. Having the opportunity from the age of 13 to 18 to participate in a similar theater program was life changing and Kristi hopes to bring that same gift to her community. Facing many family and personal challenges early in life, Kristi will tell you that Theater literally saved her life. At the young age of 16, Kristi began her choreography career in the East Bay and in the Greater Los Angeles area while she also continued to perform in and direct many Theater Productions. Kristi artistically designs, directs and choreographs GPA’s main stage productions. A theatrical genius, we are continuously amazed at how she manages all she does. With a Masters Degree in Musical Theater and a Minor in Child Psychology, Kristi’s mission is to provide an educational program that is all encompassing and that will SPARK fire in the hearts around her for musical theater.

Ryanne Joslin, Set Construction & Design/Co-Founder. With her BA degree in economics, Ryanne brings her business sensibility along with her 20 years of working with children to the GPA family! Born with a passion for art, construction and creativity, Ryanne partners with Kristi’s artistic vision to create set magic. Ryanne is excited that the Tri-Valley area is giving Grand Performing Arts the opportunity to teach children and adults the arts and the self in one program.

Trenton Torain, Show Operations Director, Musical Director and Partner. Best known as Coach Trent, Trenton grew up watching his mother (Kristi Grand) teach as well as perform. Trenton is currently in his second year as a Music Major here in the Bay Area. Not only is Trenton a seasoned performer with roles such as SHREK and Horton in Seussical the Musical he also teaches vocal lessons to all ages. Trenton has many years working with youth in our community, both as a basketball coach with the Warriors Camps, as well as the main Musical Director, mentor and facilitator for Grand Performing Arts. Trenton’s passion for music is infectious and has definitely brought GPA to a new level of musical excellence!

There is a one-time fee of $475.00 to register for the production. This fee covers instruction in dance, singing and acting over the duration of rehearsals. Once auditions have taken place, there will be no refunds given. Each student that registers to do a show with GPA is guaranteed a role in the ensemble/chorus. This system is designed to nurture the hearts of all students and adults that wish to take part in the arts. Where there is passion for dancing, singing, acting and theater, there is the possibility of magic. At GPA, we believe that you do not have to cut a performer to have a quality production. We encourage parents and adults to get involved as mentor performers. There is no registration fee for adults that participate. (ONLY if an adult should audition and get cast as a lead role will they will be responsible to pay the $125.00 lead fee)

GPA holds auditions, which are not mandatory, for students interested in a lead role. Within the first few weeks of rehearsals, Grand Performing Arts offers Audition Prep rehearsals. It is in these Audition Prep rehearsals that the performers will learn the material necessary to be successful at auditions! All GPA participants audition with the SAME material. We teach them the songs, choreography and give them scenes to read in order to audition for a lead role.

Here’s why: As an educational based program, whether your child has had 10 years of experience or 10 days, we feel that this system provides them with a fair audition process. Children that have been working on an audition piece for months or even years, will obviously have an advantage in an audition over a child that is just starting to get acquainted with an arts program. We want every child, experienced or not, to have an equal opportunity to shine at auditions.

There will be an additional $125.00 Lead Fee for all leads that are cast in the production. This minimal fee covers a portion of costs for all leads. (i.e. some costumes, scripts, instruction, rehearsal overhead, etc.) Please note* If you are an adult mentor participant and you are auditioning for a lead role; GPA waives your registration fee but does require you to pay the lead fee of 125.00 if cast in a lead role.

Please come to rehearsal prepared to move and rehearse!
Water only is allowed in the studio rehearsal room.
Please wear clothes that you can move in. Avoid tight jeans, dresses and skirts!
Hair needs to be pulled up and out of your face!

You will soon receive a preliminary rehearsal schedule for each month leading up to the show. Changes can and do get made on the LEAD ROLE rehearsals if participants fall ahead or behind. These calendar adjustments will be found in your weekly rehearsal newsletter from Ms. Kristi. Grand Performing Arts reserves the right to remove any participant of any age from his/her lead role if they miss more than the three allowed conflicts. Being courteous of being on time, as well as showing up for your other performers is held in very high regard.

GPA does not provide all costumes for your performer. Families will be given a Costume Presentation Guide, after registering and being placed in a group, which will detail what you are responsible for getting vs. what GPA will provide for your performer. It will then be your responsibility to costume your star for this production! We will be having a COSTUME CHECK approx. two months before we are scheduled to go into the theater, providing ample time for parents and staff to fine tune costumes for our show!

If you have any questions during the show process in regards to lead roles or costuming please email Kristi at

We try very hard to communicate and sometimes it may seem like an overwhelming amount of information! So if you are anything like most of us scatter brained artists... we’ve come up with a few other ways to communicate to you so that we can make certain you are getting all of the information necessary to make this process as smooth as possible! Here are 4 different ways that we communicate information to parents!

1. Newsletter: Weekly newsletter emailed to you directly! These newsletters are very informative! This is also where we post any SCHEDULE UPDATES/CHANGES, meeting reminders and rehearsal pictures!!

2. Website: All cast members will receive a password to access our online FOR THE ACTOR’S tab on our website. Show Calendars, choreography practice videos and music tracks will be located there for access at anytime by our performers.

3. Facebook: Like us for updates, pictures and more! This is a great way to share pictures and show information with friends and family! We will post links for tickets and much more!

4. Parent Meetings: Please check your Newsletters/schedules for any informative parent meetings (i.e.: Make-up & Hair, Costume Tutorial Meetings, etc) during our rehearsal run. It is very important to have one parent/guardian attend each meeting. We thank you in advance for your attendance.

By registering, auditioning for & being placed in a lead role, ordering t-shirts, or selecting the volunteer buy-out option, I agree to promptly pay Grand Performing Arts via PayPal or by check.

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