Real Life ALC Attendance Form
IF YOU ARE ENROLLED, (this does not apply to homeschoolers, unschoolers, or drop-in students)
Attendance is due at the beginning of each calendar quarter.

August, September & October attendance is due November 1st
November, December & January attendance is due February 1st
February, March& April attendance is due May 1st
May, June & July attendance is due August 1st

If you are enrolled, you are required to report at least 180 days of attendance each school year. We will keep track of days that you come to Real Life ALC. You will help us keep track of attendance by simply submitting an attendance report each quarter, reporting "YES" to signify that you have been either on-campus at Real Life ALC or off-campus: field trip, unschooling, homeschooling, and other experiential learning opportunities for the past quarter. By doing so, you are signifying that you want your child to continue with Real Life ALC and you intend to continue at Real Life ALC for at least the 180 days required each school year.

Real Life ALC... where Real Learning Is Found Everywhere!
Have you met the 180 day attendance requirement either on-campus or off-campus? *
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