Polar Vocabularies - Version 1
We are currently using this form to enter information about vocabularies, glossaries, ontologies and other semantic resources that are relevant to the cryosphere or polar regions writ broadly.  

If you see any issues with either the fields or their explanations, please email ruth.duerr3@gmail.com with a description so that updates can be made.

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The email address of the person filling out this form (e.g., First.last@gmail.com)
Contact information
The name or email address of a person who or organization which manages the resource (e.g., nsidc@nsidc.org)
Citable reference for the resource
e.g., NSIDC (Ed.). (n.d.). "Cryosphere Glossary".National Snow and Ice Data Center. Retrieved September 18, 2018, from https://nsidc.org/cryosphere/glossary
What type of resource is this? *
Semantic resources fall along a spectrum of reasoning capability.  All types are useful, depending on your context.  Expanded definitions of the resource types we've defined so far can be found at http://tinyurl.com/SemResTypes
Resource Name *
The name or title of the resource (e.g., NSIDC Cryosphere Glossary)
Web site URL
URL of the resource itself
Repository link
URL of the repository which supports the resource
Name space
SPARQL endpoint
Other URL
Description *
Type of Governance *
Who is maintaining the resource and how likely is it to be maintained for the long term.  Project developed/maintained is typically only maintained during the project; community maintained is likely to last longer; if a formal non-profit organization is maintaining it - it could be maintained indefinitely (or until superseded).
Format Readability *
Available in which formats *
What formats can the resource be accessed in...
Scope *
Does the resource include non-polar and/or non-cryospheric terms?
Adoption/User Base *
What user communities are using or are planning on using this resource
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