All Seasons - South Main Chapel & Mercy Center
Plan a visit to South Main Chapel and Mercy Center, including lunch after, with your family and mentor. Complete the following reflection form by May 1.

Before your visit, contact South Main at (864) 437-8298. Ask if they need help serving lunch or if they prefer you simply join for the meal. When you visit, sit next to someone in the congregation and introduce yourself. Make one of your goals to learn the story of someone new.

Visiting South Main Chapel & Mercy Center
One way we can better know God in worship is to expand our horizons and see the work of God in a variety of places of worship. We partner with South Main Chapel & Mercy Center once a semester to join together in worship and provide a meal for the congregation. During your visit to South Main with your family and mentor, join them for worship as well as the meal after worship. Complete the Worship Note form below by May 1 to guide your reflection and discussion.
When did you visit?
First Impressions
What did you first notice during your visit?
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What were the similarities and differences with Clemson UMC?
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Who led worship?
Just the clergy? Men and women? Children and adults?
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Music and Prayer
What type of music was included in worship?
Hymns, modern worship songs, impromptu singing throughout the congregation, etc.
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Was prayer included in worship?
If so, was the prayer structured or extemporaneous? Did everyone pray or just a leaders?
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Scriptures and Sermon
What scriptures were read?
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How did the reading of scripture differ from Clemson UMC?
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What was the focus of the sermon?
Did you learn something you can apply to your own life and faith journey?
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The Big Picture
What is one thing that stood out to you? Why?
From the entire service–something that impacted you, that you learned, caught your attention.
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To Close Your Time...
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