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Excitement is a chain of adult retailers, catering to a variety of sexually related items, such as toys, movies, stimulants, lingerie and numerous other personal pleasure products for the novice or the experienced. We also currently carry smoke-related items in many of our stores including vaporizers, glass pipes and water pipes, and more products for tobacco usage.

Our focus is on helping men, women and couples of all lifestyles, ages and preferences to enjoy, satisfy and increase their personal pleasures while supporting and maintaining healthy relationships.

We've been in business for over 25 years, with stores throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, Reading, Harrisburg and York, Pa.Over the last 15 years we've evolved from a mostly male-oriented movie retailer into a multi-faceted adult pleasure products superstore chain, catering to a growing segment of individuals and couples from all walks of life who want to enhance their sex lives.

Additionally, our products now include contemporary smoking devices and accessories, (pipes, papers, hookahs, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, e-juice and a wide variety of smoke related products), all intended for tobacco use only.

At this time we're looking for a few top-notch employees to add to our staff that would be well-suited for the adult industry. Those that are a good fit for us are sex- and smoke-positive, naturally engaging (able to strike up conversations with anyone), open-minded, efficient and hard working. Our prime hours are evenings and weekends, though we need both full- and part-time staff in most of our locations, and for the right candidate, we are considering key holder and management-level responsibilities at some of our stores.

Applicants should have a personal interest and passion for sexual wellness and/or smoke-related items and be comfortable learning about and then educating customers about all of our products. We have excellent and ongoing training, plus many educational resources, a generous 40% employee discount, free video rentals, and opportunities for advancement, additional compensation/commissions, benefits and paid time off for qualifying full-time staff and more.

Do you want to help people learn how to explore their sexuality, enhance their intimate relationships, and find pleasure or relaxation or both from our products? Do you believe you can positively impact a person’s sexual self confidence or introduce them to new experiences? As an employee, will you welcome and support the philosophy that customer satisfaction is not a key factor in a shopping experience, but rather the #1 ingredient in a successful in-store experience.

At Excitement Adult Superstores we believe in 100% customer satisfaction as well as 100% employee satisfaction. We offer unique career opportunities and compensation for the right motivated candidates once you are able to prove your value to our team. If you are at least 18 years of age, and you feel that you may be one of the "select few" that we're looking for, please take a few minutes to consider and provide honest answers the questions we've provided below. We believe this job is about heart as much as smarts, so please keep that in mind when answering these questions. Don't tell us what you think we want to hear, instead give us YOUR answers.

Thank you,

David Betesh

President and Owner, Excitement Adult Stores

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How do you handle new work challenges and new policies or ways of doing things? Are you cautious to explore new methods or take on new challenges until you fully understand them, know what exactly is asked of you and see the benefit of doing it? Or do you jump right into new projects, changes or taking risks on new methods and adapt quickly to new situations? Does change make you nervous or excited? *
If you were the hiring manager, what would you say (in a few sentences or less) makes someone a good employee? *
What makes you a perfect candidate for us? Why should we invite you in for an interview? *
Finally, this last question will not impact your application, we simply want to know for research purposes: Do you prefer to buy personal or sex/smoke-related items in a retail store or online? Please explain why you prefer one shopping experience over the other.
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