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Welcome! This is for the SUNDAY September 13th, 12:30pm-5pm EST class, via Google Hangouts (which has automatic captioning)

So, there comes a moment, usually right before Rosh Hashanah, where everyone panics because This Is Really Upon Us And No One Is F*#@#$!* Ready.

This year, let’s get ready. Let’s spend a long Sunday afternoon together, getting our heads and hearts in gear for The Great Reckoning. The Holy Ruthless Self-Inventory. The Squaring Of The Debts. The Bridging Of the Distances. The Sacred Reparations.

There are two tracks to this workshop: you can do the baking track, the learning track, or the whole kit and caboodle. Here’s how it’ll work:

12:30-1:00 BAKING: prepare challah dough; set to rise

1:00-2:00 - BREAK while the dough rises

2:00-2:45 LEARNING: Readings from The Social Justice Warrior’s Guide to the High Holy Days and The Book of Solace; rituals for Elul; maybe a song or two; time to discuss what you personally do or don’t to Get Ready.

2:45 – 3:15 BAKING: Braiding challah, taking challah; set to rise

3:15 – 4: LEARNING: While the challah rises, we’ll learn AND WRITE some tkhines, a feminist tradition of making liturgy go where liturgy didn’t normally go – namely, into the lives of Jewish women, (and those others) excluded from the liturgical world of the synagogue. There will also be songs in this section. We will NOT try to sing together on Zoom; I have a plan. It’s gonna work. It’ll feel good.

4:00-4:45: BAKING: Glazing, baking, and admiring!

You can sign up for either the LEARNING track, the BAKING track, or the WHOLE DARN THING track. Baking track is limited to 8 participants; learning track is unlimited.

This workshop is offered on a sliding scale from $0-$36. Participants will receive information ahead of time and will be expected to pay ahead of class.
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