Scheme Visualizer Bug Reports
This form is for 61A students to submit bugs in the Scheme interpreter and visualizer at

Staff members should use GitHub issues instead.

I am aware of issues on mobile devices and I'm working to resolve them. Until then, please only submit bugs that can also be replicated on a desktop or laptop.

Is this bug also present in the staff Scheme interpreter?
Please do not submit bugs that also occur in the staff interpreter here. The staff interpreter is included in lab 9 and hw 7.
Which category does this bug fit into?
A bug in something that the staff interpreter supports is a core interpreter bug.
Bug Description
If relevant, please include a link to an screenshot.
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Code that causes this bug
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Build Info
Please run the (build-info) command in the interpreter and paste the output here.
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Please include the browser version as well.
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Operating System
Please include the OS version as well.
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