Apacer 2017 Computex 『Embracing Innovative 3D NAND Technology』宇瞻科技 2017年國際電腦展 『擁抱3D儲存新紀元』

In light of the new era of 3D technology, Apacer Technology presents the comprehensive series of 3D NAND SSD products. These new devices combine the speed, capacity, and stability of all-new 3D NAND to span a range of applications from industrial and military to network communication, making them especially suited for digital storage environments that demand higher speed, stability and reliability.

Display items:
1. Comprehensive 3D NAND storage solutions
2. New SSD features for military and industrial applications
3. New patented anti-sulfuration DRAM products
4. In-vehicle solutions for CANbus communication modules
5. Innovative optical measuring instruments

迎接嶄新3D儲存世代,宇瞻科技為您呈現醞釀已久、精心研發的全系列3D NAND儲存系列產品。結合3D NAND的新型態高速、高容量、穩定解決方案,應用跨及工控、軍工、網通產業,專為訴求極速、穩定、可靠的數位儲存環境而生。

1. 3D NAND全系列儲存方案
2. 全新3D NAND軍工韌硬體解決方案
3. 全新抗硫化DRAM專利產品
4. CANBus 通訊解決方案
5. 創新光學檢測設備

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