NauticalCraft Team Application
Welcome to the revolutionized NauticalCraft! We are actively seeking out talented, enthusiastic, and driven team members. While we are not currently seeking players for Guest Relation or Administrative roles, please feel free to submit this form for later consideration.
**In order to comply with federal and international law, we require that all of our Team Members are over the age of 13.

While we prefer users with a previous history and established passion for the ship-building community, we are happy to accept anyone with a broader focus provided you have the necessary building skills. We also require that all Team Members have Discord in order to participate in Team Meetings (having a microphone is not required; however, you must be able to communicate in text channels.)

If your application stands out to us, we will contact you on Discord or via Email.

We can't wait to make YOU the next member of our team!
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Candidates of any age are encouraged to apply provided they meet the minimum requirement of 13 in accordance with United States federal law.
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Please paste your full name including the tag at the end. If you provide your Discord, we will be able to contact you more quickly.
NauticalCraft Team Roles
The NauticalCraft Team is made up of people with many different interests and skills. We are not just looking for builders, read below and select whatever role you believe you are qualified for. Make sure you include any links to previous or current projects in the section below.

Builder: Builders are given additional space and permissions on the NauticalCraft to build their ships or projects on the server. They can easily interact with Crew and Officers to assist with server-projects when necessary, or chose to opt-out. They are not Crew-Members but should be considered a step up from regular passengers and Mariner Society, as they have shown competency in building and are somewhat trusted on the server.

Crew-Member: Crew-Members are trusted Staff on the server and also serve in Guest Relations and moderation roles. They are given even more access and additional permissions, including access to our database with hundreds of ship plans. Our Crew-Members are frequently expected to assist in building server projects like the Christmas event and land destinations such as Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Engineer: Engineers are proven team members who are trusted to direct Crew-Members and Builders in finishing tasks and assisting with building. Engineers also work with the Officers on new features, testing, plugins, and server management. They share all of the same responsibilities as Crew Members.
Which role(s) would you like to be considered for *
Select the areas that apply to you
Do you have any previous experience we should know about? *
Please include names to any previous projects or communities such as servers, world downloads, or galleries/portfolios. Please also provide any relevant links in the next section.
Experience - Please paste link(s) you would like us to see that showcase your work or past works. (Imgur, Gyazo, PlanetMinecraft, etc.) *
Why do you want to join our Team *
This is one of the most important questions. Please include details like why you came to NauticalCraft, how you are valuable to us, how much time you have to volunteer, etc.
Click submit when you have completed the application.
Thank you for taking the time to apply. We will typically respond to your application within a week; however, if you have not received a response within that time, please contact a server administrator on Discord or email

Please note that applications without any photo proof of experience will automatically be denied. You are allowed re-apply as many times as you like.

If any part of this application is found to be false, your application will be voided and you will be indefinitely removed from future consideration.

Please follow our Twitter @Nautical_Craft for any updates we give. Thank you for your application, and Good Luck!
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