HealthLINE Award: SCC 2020 Virtual Meeting
Five (5) conference registration awards of $20 each are available to assist professional members with registering for the SCC/MLA 2020 Virtual Meeting. [Due to registration for students attending the conference being waived in 2020 by the organizers, the awards granted to students by HealthLINE in the past have been suspended for this year.]

All applicants must be current members (in good standing) of HealthLINE to apply for the Travel Award. Lapsed members should go to and login to your membership profile to start the renewal process. If you wish to join, go to To confirm membership status, contact Jane Scott, Treasurer, at

All completed applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 25, 2020. Any applications received after the deadline will be considered ineligible. Please submit early to avoid risk of disqualification!
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Have you submitted or will you be presenting a paper or poster for the upcoming SCC/MLA meeting?
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Do you have any commitments at the upcoming SCC/MLA meeting (e.g., committee, jury section, etc.)?
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