EQA 22 Prior Learning Assessment Report
Prior Learning Assessment Policy
A prior learning assessment is conducted whenever a student transfers to Langley Flying School from another flight training unit, including students from foreign countries.

Prior Learning Assessments are conducted by the Flight Instructor in consultation with Chief Flying Instructor.  Assessments will seek to balance Transport Canada training requirements and standards for flight and written testing, on the one hand, with minimizing student expense.


The Flight Instructor assigned a student needing a Prior Learning Assessment will compile copies of the student’s prior training, including all groundschool and flight training records.  When possible, prior training records will be scanned and saved on the students file.  The Flight Instructor will then meet with Chief Flying Instructor to develop a strategy to smoothly transition the student into Langley Flying School programs.  A brief summary of the this transition plan will be recorded on the EQA 22 Prior Learning Assessment Report, linked on the school's staff page, and a copy of this assessment will summarized in a memo to file and placed on student's electronic file.  
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1)  Name of person conducting this Prior Learning Assessment:
2)  Name of the Student for which Prior Learning Assessment is conducted:
3)  Date this Prior Learning Assessment was conducted:
4)  Briefly summarize the student's prior learning:
5)  What is the action plan with respect to the student's groundschool training?
6)  What is the action plan with respect to the student's air training?
7)  Additional Comments:
8)  A summary of this report must be placed on the student file.  The student file must be created, and the memo attached.  Confirm this was completed:
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