Sheraa - General IdeaLab Application
Eligibility Criteria:
– Founders (solo/teams) with a scalable idea (tech-enabled)
– Motivated to build MVP with minimal financial resources
– Eager to test assumptions and conduct customer interviews
– Fluent in English (the program will be in English)
– Idea should be scalable regionally if not globally

Application Deadline: December 1st
Program Duration: December - February

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NOTE: The Idea Lab requires you to be based with a valid residency visa in the UAE
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Is your idea scalable? *
Can you use technology to serve more customers while minimizing operation costs?
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Explain in more details your idea and the problem(s) you solve for the customers.
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Who is in the team? *
Please provide full names, profession (student, alumni, faculty, employed/unemployed) and e-mails. If you are alone, please write "alone".
What are your revenue streams? *
Please explain in details how you can earn money through your service/product.
Who are your competitors and how do you differentiate yourself?
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