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Backcountry Women is a Manitoba-based small business that has blossomed into a strong community of outdoors people. We aim to provide quality experiences while educating and empowering individuals through a variety of resources to help build confidence and connections in the outdoors.

We offer a diverse range of events throughout every season in a positive welcoming space for both members and non-members to encourage continual growth, learning, and connection. This is where our Backcountry Women Advocates Team (volunteer event leaders & coordinators) comes in! Our Advocates Team provides a collective of skills and experience that support our participant-focused, quality events and activities. Thanks to our Advocates Team, we are able to run a wide array of amazing events and provide wonderful resources that help our participants grow their outdoor-related knowledge and confidence.

We're looking for individuals who are passionate about the outdoors & representing positive leadership in the outdoors community, who are confident in their skills and are committed to learning and contributing to the Backcountry Women community and our events. Individuals volunteering must commit a minimum of 12 months to Backcountry Women. If this sounds like something you're interested in participating in, please fill out the volunteer application - we can't wait to hear from you!

**Check out our website and social media prior to applying to learn more about what Backcountry Women does and ensure that we are an organization you would like to support! The following application will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Please read it carefully and enter as much information as possible as you complete it. The information provided will help us better assess your experience, skills, and interests.**

Thank you for your interest in Backcountry Women - we will be in touch!

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If you answered yes to the question above, are you interested, skilled and motivated to create quality content for online purposes that may include photos, videos, and assist with overall online engagement?
Are you available to commit a minimum of 12 months to a role with Backcountry Women, and at minimum 10 hours per month? *
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