Circle of Children Auction Donation Form
Welcome to the place where the magic happens - where you can help your child’s school by asking a favorite restaurant to donate a gift card, donate tickets to sporting events or concerts, or ask a hotel to donate a night or two!

a. Ask your local business owners or vendors to donate items. Or purchase an item and donate to school.
b. Fill out this form (a different form for each item, please)
c. Print a copy of the email once you submit and turn it in WITH the item to the school office by February 28th.

Why: Proceeds from our annual auction support scholarships for the many working families who attend Circle of Children. It also goes towards upgrading the facilities. YOUR HELP is what make our school such a wonderful and special place for children to learn and thrive.

When: Items will be auctioned off online April 23-30th. Happy bidding!

Thank you for your support Circle Friends & Families!

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i.e. number of items, who should the winner contact to redeem if there is no physical gift certificate. Example: if you donate a round of golf, who should the winner contact to redeem.
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Final Step
**Once you submit, print a copy of the email (we know it's three pages -- sorry!) and turn it in WITH the item to Circle NO LATER THAN MARCH 30TH.** Be sure to include your family name, email address and phone number on each item.

Please email ONE photo to:

Questions? Email the auction committee chairs Lauren Hollingsworth ( and Lisa Eddy ( Thank you!!

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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