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Share your thoughts on current travel frustrations, desired innovations, and preferences. Your feedback will directly influence the development of our on-demand flight service. Let's create a seamless and personalized travel experience together!
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What is your biggest frustration when traveling with current modes of transportation (car, train, airline)? *
If you could change one thing about your usual travel experience, what would it be?
For which type of journeys (e.g., business, leisure, emergency) would you consider using an on-demand flight service?
What features are most important to you in an on-demand air travel service?
What destinations do you frequently travel to that are poorly served by current transportation options?
How important are sustainability and environmental impact in your choice of transportation?
Not important at all
Very important
Would you be willing to pay a premium for improved convenience and reduced travel time?
How do you typically plan and book your travel? What tools or platforms do you use?
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