Burlington Education Foundation Grant Application
Grant applications must be submitted electronically, via this form. Please note: Applications will be shared with the Superintendent and must have received sign-off from the applicant's principal or supervisor.

Include any relevant links, research, etc., to provide more detail about your request.
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Overview: Provide a summary description of your project that can be used for publicity, etc. (Describe the target audience, what will happen, when & where it will occur, how it will be executed) *
Planning: Describe the planning done for this project in terms of process, and who or what organizations/individuals was/were involved as partners or advisors. *
Goals/Objectives: What are the goals/anticipated outcome(s) of your project? What are the objectives for attaining those goals? How will your project complement or enhance existing curricular goals? How is the project innovative? *
Impact: Approximately how many students and teachers will participate in this project? Can the project be replicated? Any plans for sharing results with colleagues and the community? *
Evaluation & Outcomes: How will you determine whether your goals and objectives have been met upon completion of the project? Will the project sustain itself beyond the current grant cycle? *
Budget: If an exact cost is unknown, give an estimate and note that it is an estimate. All equipment purchased for the project will remain the property of the BPS at the completion of the project. The BEF is tax exempt. Please include line items for Salaries/Fees, Supplies/Materials, Space Rental, Amount of Funding from other Sources, and Other. *
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