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Terms of Use
1. PatentConnect does not warrant the skills, experience, abilities or any other qualifications of patent attorneys that register or are otherwise associated with its service. It is your responsibility to determine the worthiness of the patent attorney(s) that assists you.
2. Registering with PatentConnect and submitting information about your invention does not guarantee that you will be matched with a patent attorney.
3. Patent rights are time sensitive. Any delay in filing a patent application may result in you losing patent rights. PatentConnect's matching process takes time, which may or may not put your patent rights at risk. PatentConnect is not responsible for any loss of patent rights attributable to delayed filing of a patent application for any reason. It is your responsibility to ensure that your patent application is filed timely.
4. Any attorney, including those associated with PatentConnect, may limit the scope of their representation of you. Subject to the applicable rules of professional conduct (including those of the United States Patent and Trademark Office), attorneys may terminate their representation of you without your consent at any time.
5. Attorneys are not obligated to provide pro bono (i.e. free) legal services. Providing pro bono services is voluntary. You are responsible for any third party expenses incurred on your matter. These expense may include, but are not limited to, patent office fees, patent drawing fees, patent search fees provided by third parties, postage, document copying, etc. It is your responsibility to confirm with your attorney what costs, fees, etc. that you will or will not be responsible for. PatentConnect does not provide financial assistance to inventors.
6. Indiana University, the Indiana Maurer School of Law, the Center for Intellectual Property Research at the Indiana Maurer School of Law, and their employees, volunteers, students, etc. are not liable for the disclosure of any information that you provide to PatentConnect. Your information will be shared with patent attorneys during the matching process and within the PatentConnect Marketplace.
7. Registration and access to PatentConnect may be denied, terminated, or otherwise cancelled at any time and for any reason.
8. Upon PatentConnect's request, you agree to provide periodic updates on the status of your patent matter.
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