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> See the schedule below (Live in-person and Zoom sessions)
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> You can participate in the study in one of the three ways listed below
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> 1. LISTEN & LEARN -- Attend when you can. Bring a friend or family member.
> 2. KNOWLEDGE -- Your Catholic Bible + Catechism (Hard copy or online)
-- Bible + Catechism + Free Preparation Guide + Study Guide + Optional Books
-- Study Guide https://tinyurl.com/SMS-CF-Guide
-- Optional - Faith of Our Fathers https://tinyurl.com/SMS-CF-Faith
-- Optional - Consuming the Word https://tinyurl.com/SMS-CF-Word
-- Optional - The Fathers of the Church https://tinyurl.com/SMS-CF-Fathers
> BIBLE: https://tinyurl.com/TheRSVBible
> CATECHISM: https://tinyurl.com/TheCatechism
> PREPARATION GUIDE: https://tinyurl.com/SMS-CF-Prep
> QUESTIONS: Dick Marchessault (221-0046 [voice or text]) or Faith Formation ( 688-0599 )
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