Aurora Farm Community Garden
Reserve your Community Garden Plot! Supporting Family-centered Food Security. We will contact you
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Please give us an idea of your gardening experience. As these are larger garden plots, we are looking for people who have at least a rudimentary knowledge of gardening. *
Please let us know that you understand that this is a no-synthetic chemical garden. What does that mean to you? *
Are you prepared to bring your own water to the site? This garden space is not connected to our main yard site and we currently do not have water here. * *
As long as restrictions are still in place, are you prepared to maintain social distancing from others while tending your own garden? * *
Are you prepared to control your children should they also attend, that they do not enter other people’s gardens? *
This is a pet-free area, please let us know that you understand that you can’t bring your dog, cat, alpaca, horse, donkey, etc here. *
As we are seeking organic certification, any other products that you use on your plant will have to be approved and logged as to how much and when you will use them. Are your willing to help us with this due diligence? *
This project is intended to foster larger gardens for families and individuals who are capable of gardening and can harvest and store their produce. Are you able to store all the food that you will be growing in this garden? *
We will be participating in the Winnipeg Harvest “Grow-a-Row” program. We would like to encourage this and let Winnipeg Harvest know that they will be able to count on our gardeners. Would you like to participate?
What size would you like to rent? * *
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to discuss your garden with you!
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