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Our olive trees are a source of tranquility and strength on our farm. Their silvery green leaves, smooth trunks, and quiet rustling soothe us daily. It seemed fitting to us that these trees be shared with others, in as many ways as possible.

One way we ‘share’ these trees is by dedicating a tree in honor or in memory of those who have gone before us. Many of our trees have been shared this way.

We estimate the cost of planting and caring for an olive tree to be $100, but anything you can offer is helpful. You can mail a check made payable to Starcross Monastic Community to 34500 Annapolis Road, Annapolis CA 95412 or make a donation online, indicating that you are honoring someone with an Olive Tree Dedication. You may also call our office if you have any questions. 1-800-960-1500
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