Sober SLAM - Call for Pitches!
In partnership with MICA and the TOTUS Spoken Word Program, the University of Maryland Health Center is proud to present our first ever Sober SLAM -- Celebrating Stories of Addiction, Recovery, and Sobriety on the UMD Campus, and we want YOU to share your story!

This program consists of three events -- a storytelling workshop on 3/29 from 6-8pm in the Stamp Student Union, an open Paint Night from 8-10pm (immediately following the workshop) at the Art and Learning Center, and a spoken word event on 4/4 from 6:30-8:30pm in the Nyumburu Cultural Center.

At the workshop, students who pitch us stories will be invited to work Courtney Proctor, a storytelling coach with personal experience in the addiction/recovery/sobriety community, where she will help students get their stories show-ready.

After the workshop, *all* students are invited to an open Paint Night in the Art and Learning Center, where they can create art, make new friends, and enjoy a relaxing, de-stressing activity. Sobia Ahmad, a UMD Studio Art alum and former UHC Intern, will be hanging out to help bring your masterpieces to life! (To sign up, please either check out the FB event, or go to

The following week, students who have workshopped their stories will have the opportunity to share them with the campus community at a spoken word event, open to the public! Art created at the Paint Night will also be displayed.

If you are interested in participating in Sober SLAM, pitch us your story here! This story should be related to your experiences with addiction, recovery, and/or sobriety as a UMD student -- either your own narrative, or your secondary experiences as a friend to someone with experiences related to addiction, recovery, and/or sobriety.

Let's bring these stories out of the shadows and into the light, together.

NOTE: Some of the stories workshopped and shared may be triggering, so if you are uncomfortable being in spaces where stories of addiction/recovery/sobriety are navigated, please be advised that while these will be supportive spaces, they may not be safe for everybody. Use your own discretion when pitching.


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Please, in roughly 300 words or less, share the story you want to workshop at the Sober SLAM Storytelling Workshop. This does not need to be a "finished product", just give us an idea of the story you want to tell. NOTE: If you are sharing a secondary experience, the name(s) of the student(s) in your story MUST be changed to protect their identity.
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If invited, I agree to attend the Sober SLAM Storytelling Workshop on 3/29 from 6-8pm in the Stamp Student Union. *
Note: You must participate in the Storytelling Workshop in order to share your story at the Spoken Word event the following week.
I am interested in sharing my story at the Sober SLAM Spoken Word Performance on 4/4 from 6:30-8:30pm in the Nyumburu Cultural Center. *
Note: Lack of interest does not bar you from participating in the workshop, but may impact priority placement in the workshop, depending on the number of submissions received.
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