CCC Recording 2017
Happy New Year! We're hoping to do some recording this term and we'd like you to choose the songs. We've selected 20 SATB songs for you to choose from - and we've performed them all in concert at some point in the last few years. We're still working out the details of where / when / how to record them and we'll keep you posted on developments.

Things to bear in mind when voting:

1) We'll need to remember songs off copy to avoid noisy page turns - although we may be able to use a sheet of lyrics

2) The songs will be rehearsed many, many times - so choose songs you think you can cope with!

3) Try to choose a diverse selection of songs

4) Since 'Goodnite Sweetheart' is probably our 'signature tune' we've not included it but will probably end up recording it.

5) Aga, Ashley & Matt believe in democracy and aren't responsible for your selections!

Voting Ends on Sunday 15th January. Please choose a Maximum of FOUR songs.

Thank you!

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