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Cash given directly to the treasurer or membership secretary. Please place in an envelope marked with your name and the amount.

Cheque made payable to 'Lincoln Archers" and given to the treasurer or membership secretary or sent by post to

Helen Faulkner
8 Brauncewell Close
NG34 9EG

or by internet banking
Barclays Bank
Sort Code: 20-50-21
A/C No: 90018201

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When you become a member or renew your membership with Lincoln Archers you will automatically be registered as a member of Archery GB, Lincolnshire County Archery Society and East Midlands Archery Society. We will provide Archery GB with your personal data which they will use to enable access to an online portal for you (, amongst other things, allows you to set and amend your privacy settings. If you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data when it is shared with Archery GB, please contact
Would you like to continue to hear from us (Archery GB) about our latest news including our quarterly magazine, ways in which you can support us and membership benefits available? If so, please tick below to let us know how you would like to hear from us and confirm you contact details: *
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LA Group WhatsApp Policy

1. As per WhatsApp Policy within the UK no members under 16 can have unsupervised access to the platform
2. Remember that any LA member is entitled to join the WhatsApp group so there will be children who can see what it being read. This is because the main aim of the group is to ensure effective club communications of news. This must be remembered at all times with topics and language being appropriate.
3. Errors do occur – if this happens delete the post immediately. If the post removed was offensive and there is a concern others will have seen it please notify the Club Secretary with the details. It is better to address an error immediately yourself than to worry that someone else will complain
4. Post your message in one single text message, don’t post every word or sentence in a new message.
5. Do not have one-on-one conversations in the group. Switch to private messages for these
6. Do not post in any group between 20:00 and 08:00 unless it is an all-out emergency.
7. If a message asks for a positive response like “who is available”, don’t reply in the negative. Only say if you are able to attend to what is required.
8. If someone asks a question and you don’t know the answer don’t respond with “I don’t know”. Just wait for someone who knows the answer to reply. If no answer is forthcoming it would be polite to make enquiries with those close by so as to assist the requestor.
9. No arguing and heated opinions will be allowed. Any post that includes racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, ethnically divisive remarks or any other topic that offends and disturbs the tranquillity of the group should be avoided. This may lead to action being taken by the Committee under this policy, the AGB Social Media or behaviour policies
10. Never use a group to berate someone else or air grievances. If you have an issue address it with the relevant person or management directly.
11. Don’t send data-insensitive messages.
12. Members should avoid discussing details of a sensitive crisis, which the member is still resolving.
13. “Mute” is available on your WhatsApp group after hours or when not thread of interest
14. Please ask yourself these 3 questions before you post: Is this relevant? Is this necessary? Is this a good time to post?
15. Any complaints regards to behaviour of an individual on the Club WhatsApp are to be directed, in writing, to the Club Secretary. An attempt to mediate the issue will be undertaken. If this is unsuccessful, are repeat issues with the same individual, or deemed serious a committee meeting will be called and a decision will be made as to whether the individual is to be removed from the WhatsApp group. The committee will also, where required, consider other actions appropriate under the AGB Codes of Membership conduct.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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