Lady Andal Alumni Association - Old Student Directory Registration
A few of us from the batch of 2001, have noticed & researched how Alumni Associations with other educational institutions have added immense value to the alumni network and back to the school. We felt that to get this off the ground, and to get the school to back us, is to illustrate that this is something that Alumni want, and how it will be a contributing arm to the school as well.

The Lady Andal Alumni Association exists to enable all alumni and faculty of Lady Andal School, Chennai; either living in Tamil Nadu or inter-state or living overseas, to continue their experience and remain connected to Lady Andal.

The goal is to provide our members with an opportunity to develop connections, in an enjoyable atmosphere, while fostering a forum for continuous learning. In time to come to, we are looking at mentor-ship program, professional development talks, social activities and much more.

In order to keep in contact with all Alumni, we ask you to kindly fill in the form below. We are looking forward to initiating an official communication channel and networking opportunities. Our aim is to start by mid 2019. However to get there, we need initially a database of alumni to reach out to.

We look forward to organising an official alumni committee in the coming months. Only with your support, voice & suggestions can we all move forward as a collective.
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