BCE Qualifying Exam- Sample Questions
This is a sample exam for the BCE Qualifying Exam. It is designed to give potential applicants a sense of the kinds of questions that might be found on the BCE Qualifying Exam and an idea of the difficulty range of some of the questions on the exam. The actual BCE Qualifying Exam is longer and covers a broader array of subjects which includes:

History of Entomology
Federal regulations for pesticides registrations and usage
General Insect classification and biology
Insect morphology and physiology
Insect behavior and ecology
Insect development and metamorphosis
Pest management practices
Medical entomology (Insects affecting humans)
BCE Code of Ethics

Please note that this exam is for sampling purposes only. Anyone who wishes to become a full BCE should contact the ESA Certification Department at bce@entsoc.org. Full details about the BCE Qualifying Exam are online at the entsoc.org website. The sample exam will not provide a grade, but will provide you a summary of what you questions you answered correctly/incorrectly

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Name the entomologist who founded "The Coleopterists Bulletin" but is perhaps best known for authoring the book, American Insects. *
What definition best defines the word "lignicolous"? *
This graphic represents an insect's compound eye. Identify which section is the rhabdom. *
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Stoneflies belong to what order of insects? *
On a springtail, which of the following is NOT a part of the Furcula? *
If a home is infested with fleas, what percent of the TOTAL flea population (including all life stages) would you expect to be adults. *
Which one of the following can transmit diseases to humans? *
All species of mosquitoes require a blood meal before they can successfully develop their eggs.
House dust mites cause irritation to people by: *
Deer ticks can transmit Lyme disease only after biting for many hours, such as overnight.
Before a pesticide can be used in the United States it must be: *
Snipe flies are in the family: *
The primary vectors of the Lyme disease pathogen to humans are: *
Fogging is an effective means of controlling for bed bugs. *
The vector of Ehrlichia chaffeensis is __________. *
The tick quarantine zone along the Texas-Mexico border was established to prevent the reintroduction into the United States of ticks that transmit _____________. *
Scabies is caused by an infestation of ________. *
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