Voice Actors: Ragged Scratch Podcast Isolation Sessions Submissions
Hello Voice Actors!

We are looking for people with home recording studios to pair up with writers to record audio-only monologues up to 5 minutes long. These will then be hosted on the Ragged Scratch Podcast as a special series in response to the social isolation measures taken regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.

If selected, we will pair you with an appropriate piece which you will be responsible for recording and cleaning up into a 'ready to present' state. Please do not apply if you do not feel confident doing this, as we will have limited resources to support you. You will be responsible for self directing, though in the rare case that we feel that the submitted performance goes wildly against the intentions of the writing, we will re-allocate it to another performer.

We will be selecting pieces that are not reliant on foley and sound effects, but if you feel that the piece would be lifted by a little sound design (and feel confident doing so) then this is great, but you are not expected to.

You will be credited and we will direct people to your social media profiles/portfolio on the podcast, but also across our own social media pages.

Whilst we cannot pay, there also will be no charge for you to take part. We also won't be charging podcast listeners to access the pieces, but we will be encouraging everyone to donate to Gig Aid (an initiative run by Bryony Kimmings matching financial donations with creative artists who have lost all their income streams due to the Covid-19 pandemic and are not eligible for Universal Credits or income support). We're also hunting for a charity or initiative that helps NHS key workers with child care to send donations to - if you know of one please let me know!

There is no deadline for submissions - yet. I intend to keep this going whilst social restrictions are in place - as long as we have quality scripts being submitted and actors willing to perform them!

By submitting to this project, you acknowledge and consent that your work will be performed and released on the internet, with no financial compensation.
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We are looking for voice actors who are confident editing their own material to a good standard.
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If so, please provide a breakdown of characters with their intended age, ethnicity and gender for casting purposes. Otherwise please just write 'no'
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This tells us a bit about your personality and interests, and helps us pair you with a monologue beyond your vocal gender and age.
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Ragged Foils are committed to telling a diverse range of stories, and we want to make sure this is reflected in the writers we give opportunities to, but your answers will never be used against you when considering your piece. Diversity monitoring questions are also incredibly useful for us to monitor the range of writing communities we are reaching - and where we need to do better.
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Following General Data Protection Regulations ("GDPR"), I consent to Ragged Foils Productions using my email address supplied above to contact me for the purposes of producing the Ragged Scratch Podcast. I acknowledge that my contact details may be passed to other members of the team, but will never be passed on to any third parties without express consent on a case-by-case basis. I give Ragged Foils Productions permission to my performance in whole within the context of the Ragged Scratch Podcast, and in part for advertising on social media. I understand that by it being distributed in podcast form it will be released into the wilds of the Internet and whilst Ragged Foils Productions will not distribute the piece beyond the stipulated methods above, they can not be held responsible for third parties taking the audio afterwards.
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