2020 Latino Media Market™ Application
The NALIP Latino Media Market™ (LMM) is designed to bring funders, studio executives, distributors, dealmakers, agents, and mentors together with NALIP members and their projects.

The LMM consists of a meeting series for up to 28 selected projects. Fellows meet one-on-one with industry representatives who can provide sound advice on how to advance their project to the next level. If your project meets the specific needs of the company, this can potentially open a window for your project to grow into a commissioned pilot, obtain broadcast licenses, distribution, or completion funds.

The Latino Media Market is a NALIP Signature Program created for NALIP members attending the 2020 NALIP MEDIA SUMMIT with qualified projects in the following categories:

- Low-Budget Feature in Development or Pre-production
- Documentary Works-in-Progress
- TV/Streaming Scripted Concept/Pilot
- Digital Web Series

Deadline for e-mail Submissions is Wednesday, March 11th, 2020
Selected projects will be announced on or around Wednesday, May 20th, 2020
Latino Media Market will be held during the NALIP MEDIA SUMMIT



- Applicants must submit all the requirements listed herein, including release form, by the submission deadline.

- All submitted materials must be in English. If the project (script and/or linked video) is in Spanish, please include English subtitles and/or the translated version.

- THIS ONLINE APPLICATION FORM AND ALL ADDITIONAL MATERIALS MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA E-MAIL and saved as .pdf files to: lmm@nalip.org by - Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Do not request edit access, simply scroll down and fill out the form. Before you click 'SUBMIT' at the end of the application, please download and save your application. You will need to email a .pdf version via email. When you complete the application form, click 'SUBMIT'.

- $50 non-refundable application fee. Must be paid via this link: https://www.nalip.org/lmm_reg_fee_2020

If you are a NALIP Media Maker Basic and above member prior to January 12, 2020 your application fee is waived. Email Membership@nalip.org to inquire about your membership.

Completed application and the $50 non-refundable processing fee does not guarantee acceptance to the Latino Media Market (LMM).

- Any MEDIA (SAMPLE WORK, ROUGH CUTS, etc.) must be uploaded on a Vimeo or private YouTube account - Please include this media link in your application form along with password if necessary.

- If applying to more than one project, you must submit a separate application for each project, including requested materials for each category and processing fee - (maximum one project per category). If you are a current NALIP member as of January 12, 2020, only your first submission fee is waived. Any additional applications must pay the $50 processing fee.

- Selected fellows MUST obtain a pass for the 2020 NALIP MEDIA SUMMIT by purchasing a discounted NALIP Media Summit pass ($265). The $50 application processing fee will not be credited towards your summit pass. If you are accepted and cannot attend, your application will be disqualified and your place will be given to the waitlist. Link will be sent to all applicants.

- Funders and executives will choose the projects/participants they wish to meet. If accepted, you are not allowed to select executives or funders.

- The Latino Media Market team will schedule all meetings. Selected fellows must attend all scheduled meetings. Tardy or absent to any meetings may result in fellow being revoked from participating in the remainder of the program.

- Selected participants must bring their own laptop computer and any other supporting equipment and materials (e.g. hard drive with videos, posters, postcards, proposals, business cards, etc.) needed to make their presentation.

- LMM NOTIFICATION: All applicants will be notified by Wednesday, May 20th, 2020.

- QUESTIONS? – Read the FAQ site at http://www.nalip.org/lmm_faq
Contact Latino Media Market staff at lmm@nalip.org

Latino Media Market Required Application Materials Check List

All information must be completed on this online application form. Remember to hit 'SEND' at the end of the application so that the LMM Coordinator to receive your online application form. Additionally, this online application form must be saved as a PDF and attached with all additional materials for email submissions. E-MAILED to: lmm@nalip.org by the Wednesday March 11, 2020 deadline. After you have filled out this online application form, please download it and save it as a PDF. . Remember to hit 'SUBMIT' at the end of this application below, for the LMM Coordinator to receive your online application.

$50 non-refundable Processing Fee must be paid via this link: https://www.nalip.org/lmm_reg_fee_2020.
Attach proof of payment and submit with the additional files by the deadline. Do NOT attach within the Pitch Package Deck (PDF file). Current paid NALIP members (Must have been member prior to January 20, 2020) will have their processing fee waived. We will verify if you are a current paid NALIP member. If applicant violates this process, then application will be disqualified. If you are submitting multiple projects and are a NALIP member, then you must pay for any additional projects.

This includes SAMPLE WORK, ROUGH CUTS, as well as KEY ART, MOCK POSTER and must be uploaded on a Vimeo or private YouTube account if a video is provided - Please include the link and password below. Previous works are acceptable media links. Attach media or link to media along with password within the Pitch Package Deck (PDF File).

Release form can be downloaded at https://bit.ly/2k94KaO and MUST be completed, signed and e-mailed to lmm@nalip.org. Another option is to use a third party app to digitally sign form and e-mail to lmm@nalip.org. Release form does NOT need to be attached to the Pitch Package Deck.

Please provide us with a high resolution headshot attached to your email submission. Submit separately within the same email you will be submitting the PDF file by the deadline. Do NOT attach within the Pitch Package Deck.


1. Online application form must be filled out completely and hit 'SUBMIT' at the end of the application by the deadline to ensure reception by the LMM Coordinator. After completion of online form, download, save and attach in PDF format for email submission.

2. Pitch Package Deck. The deck should be a visual and financial summary of your project. Things to consider for your Pitch Package Deck (i.e. Logline, Tone, Mood board, Key Art, Mock Up Poster, Mood Reel, Team bios, Market research, Financial information such as Budget topsheet). Media Links & PASSWORD and SCRIPT if available. Submission must be in one self-contained merged PDF file that can be created in Power Point or any other creative tool. Materials that should NOT be attached within the PITCH PACKAGE DECK are the LMM PROCESSING FEE receipt, RELEASE FORM and HIGH-RESOLUTION HEADSHOT. Budget Outline and/or Top Sheet is required and should NOT be attached within Pitch Package Deck.

3. LMM Processing Fee payment receipt must be provided by the deadline. Does not need to be attached in Pitch Package Deck. Verified current paid NALIP members (If you were current paid NALIP member prior to January 12, 2020) will have the LMM Processing fee waived. Applicants who do not pay the processing fee OR apply as non-members will be disqualified. If you are submitting multiple projects and are a NALIP member, then you must pay for each additional project.

4. Media Links & Passwords must be included within the Pitch Package Deck by the deadline. Previous works are acceptable media links.

5. Professional High-Resolution headshot. No visible logos please.

6. Release Form must be signed and submitted by the deadline. Release Form must NOT be attached within the Pitch Package Deck.

7. Submit a stand alone version of the script (if available) by the deadline.

8. Budget Outline and/or Top Sheet. (If applying with episodic, budget for ONE episode)
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Low-Budget Narrative Feature are feature length (88+ minutes/pages) works in development and need creative advice and/or funding support to advance to a solid production package, or, Feature Projects that are in advanced stages of pre-production and are seeking funding and/or distribution support to propel the project into production. Project's budget should be between: $200,000 to $3,000,000. Please include script in your email submission as an individual PDF file.
The Documentary Works-In-Progress is available for Documentary Projects that need creative advice or partial production or completion funds. Projects must be in production or post-production.
The Television/Streaming Scripted Concept/Pilot Track opportunity is available to all producers/creative individuals and writers who have scripted series ideas and/or pilots already produced for tradition Television networks and Streaming networks such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon etc. Most networks target young mainstream viewers in a variety of platforms (TV, broadband, mobile & streaming) and they are looking for fresh entertainment concepts that highlight drama, comedic, and/or pop cultural appeal. Anything that is compelling could be viable for these networks and streaming avenues! (Please indicate below if you are applying for this track by typing 'TV & Streaming' in the space provided). Please include script in your email submission as an individual PDF file.
Digital Track opportunity is available for Digital Content producers who have produced short form digital content with non-narrative structure or narrative structure made for online distribution. Content that is taken into consideration include web series within the digital sphere and web episodes with entertaining concepts in genres that include, comedy and drama with an appeal to broad audiences. Please include script in your email submission as an individual PDF file.
Type of Project Being Submitted: *
(Only ONE submission per application will be accepted. If you decide to apply with an additional project, please apply with a different application as well with an additional processing fee). If you are submitting a script, please include it within your email submission and within the Pitch Package Deck as well as a stand alone PDF copy by the deadline.
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Project Synopsis: *
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Project Status Statement: *
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Executive Summary: *
Bios of key creative team – e.g. writer, producer, director, editor, etc.
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Budget Outline or Top Sheet: *
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Project in Development *
E-mail treatment, first act, or completed screenplay in a PDF file with the additional submission files to lmm@nalip.org. If you are applying with a Documentary in Development, then provide Treatment and additional resources that dictate what stage your project is in. DO NOT attach within Pitch Package deck.
Project in Pre-Production: *
Email completed feature-length screenplay to lmm@nalip.org. If you are Pre-Production with your project, please indicate what partners and resources your have secured, i.e. Locations, Actors, Contracts, Funds, Distributors etc. Please attach this material to the email submission that you will be submitting with the addition files of submission by the deadline along with the Pitch Package Deck and other materials required.
Summary of Theme and Plot of Material Submitted: *
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Principal Characters: *
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Other Identifying Characteristics: *
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2020 LATINO MEDIA MARKET ™ Release Form *
Download, sign and email by the deadline. Release Form should not be included in the Pitch Package Deck. https://bit.ly/2k94KaO
$50 Non-Refundable Processing Fee *
Payment processing can be done at: https://www.nalip.org/lmm_reg_fee_2020 (Please provide copy or proof of payment in your email submission for LMM. DO NOT attach within your Pitch Package Deck. NALIP Media Maker Basic and above level members will have application fee waived, if membership is in good standing by January 12, 2020. If you became a NALIP member after January 12, 2020 and applied for the LMM, then your processing fee will NOT be waived.
Current Professional High-Resolution Headshot *
Photo must be in JPEG (.jpg) format. Please submit separately. Do NOT include in the Pitch Package Deck (one PDF file) you will be submitting additional materials for LMM, but include it in the email when you submit it by the deadline. Photo must be current headshot with your face clearly visible and no logo/brands in the background.
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