Team BlueRock Fit Application
Take a few minutes to complete the following fit application and then schedule a time to speak with one of our National Hiring Managers. Completing the application is not a guarantee that we will hire you to our team.
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After you complete your FIT application schedule an interview with our National Hiring Manager.
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Phone Number
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How did you hear about us?
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Why are you looking? In a few words tell us what has you looking for other opportunities.
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Are you considering Full-Time, Part-Time or starting Part-Time and transitioning into Full-Time?
Are you currently licensed in life insurance?
What other type of opportunities are you considering?
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How will you know if it’s a right fit for you? What are the 3 most important things you are looking for?
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What’s the alternative for you if this were not to work out for you?
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What other types of businesses are you involved with and are you looking at making this business your primary or as an add on to what you are currently doing?
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Are you comfortable being paid on a commission only basis?
Are you willing to go on 10 to 25 appointments each week to make a Six Figure income?
Licensed Agents only respond
Are you actively selling and writing life insurance now? If so, how much have you written in the past 90 days per month?
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What is your current comp rate?
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If you are currently licensed, what other IMO’s are you currently affiliated with and what primary carriers are you contracted with?
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Do you have an outstanding debt with your IMO or carriers?
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Have you ever been fined by the state for any type of violation? If so, has that been resolved?
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What is your resident state license #?
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If you join our team are you willing to transfer or release any current carrier appointments to our organization?
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Tools & Resources
As an independent agent you responsible for investing in your business.
Capital - Do you have the financial resources to purchase leads and E&O insurance, minimum $500 and it's recommended $1,000 to $1,500 to get started.
If you don't have the financial resources to purchase leads tell us how you would go about getting business if we selected you to our team?
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Do you have a working laptop or tablet that is compatible with PC based and web based programs?
Are you proficient with today’s computer programs, web based programs, and navigating the internet?
Do you have a current model Smart Phone with the ability to connect your computer to the internet, Hot Spot, when away from home?
Do you have any concerns with joining our private social media groups for learning, training, and support?
Do you have a car to drive to appointments each week?
Learning Style
Are you comfortable learning on a virtual platform through our website, social media groups, and conference calls or is your learning style dependent on face to face classroom style?
Are you comfortable with figuring things out independently or do you rely on others to figure it out and show you?
Are you committed to your own personal development to further your personal growth?
Sales Experience
Have you been in sales before, if so, what type?
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How did you go about getting business in your previous sales job?
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What type of objections were the most common for you and how did you overcome those objections?
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This business is a business of mindset. Our top producers have a winning mindset and work hard at developing and maintaining it.
What has caused you to leave an IMO in the past?
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What is the most frustrating thing that you experience that causes you to give up?
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If someone hung up on you or told you "no!" how would that make you feel?
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How willing are you to do what is not convenient to go after opportunities on a scale of 1 to 5?
Not willing
Very willing
What phrase fits you the best when considering this opportunity?
Are you comfortable making phone calls each week to set appointments from the leads you purchase? Agents make 100 to 300 phone dials each week to book appointments. Can you do this every week?
We have a supportive culture. We know that people who join our team may have some reluctance or fear of the phone. As long as you are committed to your success we can help you overcome your fear. What challenges do you think you’ll have?
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What have you done in the past when you didn't get the expected results you hoped in a 30 to 60 day time frame?
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Why do you believe you would be a good fit for our team and we should hire you?
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