Partnership Request Form - BEAM.
Is your organization interested in partnering with BEAM? If so, fill out this form!

What we offer:
- Your organization's founder can host a takeover on our Instagram account, @beamcommunity
- Your founder(s) can be interviewed for our upcoming YouTube series, "Meet the Founder."
- The logo of your organization will be featured on the "partners" tab of our incoming website.
- We are open to any other ideas you may have!

For any questions or comments, contact @Skyler Basco on Slack,, or @beamcommunity!
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What are your organization's goals and what have you been doing to accomplish them?
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Before submitting this form, DM your logo to @beamcommunity on Instagram. We will add this to our incoming website. *
Indicate that you are filling out the partnership form in your DM. If you do not have an Instagram, email the logo to (Founder and CEO of BEAM).
Are you open to having the founder(s) of your organization interviewed for our "Meet the Founder" YouTube series? *
"Meet the Founder" is a YouTube series hosted by the Founder & CEO of BEAM, Skyler Basco. It highlights the work of student run organizations, especially those run by high school students. It is designated for founders, but we are open to having your directors join the interview too! (1-3 people max)
Name dates in which you would be available for an interview for our "Meet the Founder" series. List at least one in July, one in August, and one in September (at least 3 in total). *
List them in this example format: 7/25, 8/25, 9/25
Are you open to cross-promoting important Instagram posts on each other's stories? *
We will usually only promote opportunities from your organization's Instagram account on our story (i.e. applications, newsletters, contests, etc.).
Are you open to doing cross-promotional Instagram takeovers? *
Fill out this form if you are interested in doing so. You could always fill it out later! It is located here:
Do you have a newsletter, YouTube series, etc. that we could be featured in? *
If yes, contact Skyler Basco, the Founder and CEO of BEAM, ( for more information on how to be featured, or choose "Other" and state directions.
Any other ideas on how we can collaborate?
Also, feel free to drop any questions, comments, etc. here!
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