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Your pups are going to make some new friends, and sometimes friends share germs.  Because of this your pups may catch a bug from time to time.  It's the same as sending a kid to preschool - them getting sick should be expected in a way.  Also, due to the nature of how pups play with their mouths, pups may come home with scrapes and/or injuries.  Again, this is equivalent to kids scraping their knee during recess.

We work diligently to clean and disinfect our space, but pups passing on germs to each other is inevitable.  In addition to this, we monitor group play to try to limit instances where pups get injured, but injuries do happen.  Thankfully they don't happen often, and when they do they are usually minor.  

We mention this upfront in an effort to be transparent with our clients.  In our opinion, the benefits of having your pups socialize and spend the day in a low-stress, fun, and caring environment far outweigh the risks.  By enrolling your pup at the Dojo, you can feel confident that the Dojo will make every effort to return your pups in the same condition that they were dropped off - except they will be tired and content :)

Lastly, completing this application does not guarantee service.  Complete the application and a team member will be in touch with the nexts steps.
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