Autumn Archer - VIP Street Team
This is an application to join the Street team for Autumn Archer.

What does that mean?
You will be issued with exclusive Advanced Reader Copies of her books ahead of publishing in exchange for a review, as well as becoming a member of the invitation only VIP Facebook Street Team where you will be kept up to date with new releases and provided with content to share when requested.

The VIP Street Team is open to readers, bloggers, and instagrammers who have read and reviewed Autumn's books. There's still time to leave a review if you've read her books but not yet left a review!

Please note: If you receive an ARC, you will be expected to leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon and /or Bookbub within 48 hours of the books release. (Don't worry, ARC's will be issued weeks in advance to allow you plenty of time!) If you are unable to leave a review within the time frame set out, then you will be expected to email with an update. Failure to leave reviews without reason will result in removal from the list.

The low down ---->

Advanced Reader Copies:
ARC’s will be sent to your first.
You will receive a form where you can link your review once it’s live.
We ask that you let us know beforehand if you are unable to review any title.

The Street Team:
Please share, when asked, any promo material posted to the group.
Prior to release, packets including promo graphics and book details will be emailed to you automatically.
The information will include social media posts that can be copied/pasted easily.
You agree to be contacted via email by either Written Word PA Services or Autumn Archer.

Selected members will be notified via email, and sent a secret group link. If you have any questions, please email

Please leave a link to any review you have left for one of Autumn Archers books: (Thank you for reading and reviewing in the first place!! Autumn loves her readers <3 ) *
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