Birthday Party Request Form
Thanks so much for your interest in supporting our mission through a birthday party fundraiser!

As part of the OTMAS birthday experience, we will come to your location and provide 1-2 activities based on the birthday child's interest! This also includes the set-up, clean-up, instruction, chairs, tables, and supplies. If there are less than 10 children we can do it inside our mobile trailer; more than 10 children and we can either do it outside in front of the trailer if the weather is nice or we can bring all the supplies into someone's home, church, building, or other venue. In return, we ask that you donate whatever amount you can, which goes directly to providing arts classes for low-income kids in Central Kentucky!

Don't worry about having an exact answer for every question, we know that as your party gets closer the details will become more defined but an estimate for these answers will help us plan the best party we can!

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at We respond quickly!
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