Non-voter Survey
The Chillicothe-Ross League of Women Voters is looking for feedback from people who do not vote. If you did not vote in the last election, or have never voted before, we hope you will fill out this brief survey for our ongoing study.
What is your voting status? *
Please give your main reason(s) for not voting *
How much do you know about the following? *
I've never heard of it
I've heard of it, but don't know much
I know about it, but it's very confusing
I understand the basics
I know a lot about it
Voter registration
Primary elections
Early voting
Provisional ballots
Electoral College
Voter ID restrictions
Ranked voting
Campaign Finance
Citizens United
What would have to change in order for you to vote? *
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Demographic info
This section is optional, but the information we gather from it is very helpful in our study so your answers are greatly appreciated.
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Annual Income
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