The 2022-23  We Care Program for New Teachers and Clinicians: Teacher and Clinician Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in our coaching and mentorship opportunity. By filling out this short form, you are indicating your interest in participating in the We Care program and committing to work approximately two hours per week with a coach and mentor during the school year. Participating new teachers and clinicians will receive a $500 stipend and be eligible for Professional Development hours.

This program provides you with a Virtual Instructional Coach (VIC), someone with a similar job title or similar grade level and subject to yours. The VIC will focus on areas like planning, assessment, and student engagement. If you are a teacher, you will also be provided with a Building Mentor,  who will focus on areas like understanding CPS policies, learning about the culture of your school, and building relationships with colleagues.

To be eligible during the 2022-23 school year, you must be a first, second, or third-year teacher or clinician, not just a new CPS educator. We have a focus on new educators of color, but all are welcome.

We will get back to you soon with more specific details about the program. In the meantime, feel free to email with any questions.
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Screening Question: Is the 2022-23 school year your first, second, or third year as a teacher or clinician (anywhere, not just in CPS)
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4. What is your preferred form of communication from the We Care Program--the one most likely to get a response? (may check more than one)
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6. Your IEIN , Illinois Educator Identification Number (If you don't know, look it up here: )   *
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10. Which type of education do you provide to students? (you may select both) *
11. Were you previously part of the We Care Program? *
11a. If you were part of the We Care Program in 2021-22, would you like to have the same Virtual Instructional Coach for the 2022-23 school year? Note: in some cases the VIC you had last year may no longer be part of our program. *
12. If you are new to the program or don't want to continue working with last year's VIC, you may choose your Virtual Instructional Coach (VIC) by looking through a list.  Alternatively, we can choose a VIC for you who matches your grade level and subject matter or your clinician category. Which do you prefer? *
13. Is 2022-23 your first, second, or third year as an educator in any K-12 School District? *
14. How do you identify ethnically/racially? (may choose more than one answer) *
14a. If you responded "other ethnicity", how do you identify?
15. What is your gender identity? *
15a. If you responded "other gender identity", what is your gender identity?
16. Are you a CTU member? *
17. Will your school be providing you with a mentor or is there a teacher in your school you would like to have as a mentor? *
17a. If you answered “yes” to question 17,  what is the name (and email, if you have it) of your mentor or  suggested mentor? We would like to invite them to officially be part of our program and receive a stipend.
18. Feel free to provide any  additional information you would you like to share.
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