MCDCC 2018 "Fall Ball" Award Nominations
Are you interested in nominating an outstanding Democrat, or Democratic Organization in Montgomery County for an award at our first ever "Fall Ball" on October 7, 2018? If so, please complete this form to let us know about who you'd like to nominate!

To be eligible for consideration, the nominee must either be a registered Democratic voter in Montgomery County or must be an organization chartered by the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee. A posthumous award may be awarded if the honoree, at the time of the Ball, has died within the last two years, and was a registered voter in Montgomery County at the time of their death. Public officials who are currently holding elected county (including school board), state, or federal office are not eligible to receive a Ball award. Paid staff may be considered for the Kelsey Cooke Volunteer of the Year Award, but only for their unpaid work.

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