FFD Art Work Application

Curtis Labelle's newest single "Five Finger Dance" is scheduled to be released soon and looking for the next best visual artist (paint, chalk, photography, pastel, crayon, clay any medium of visual art) to create the Single Artwork for "Five Finger Dance".

How to apply:

Contest opens 12 PM, Aug 26, 2020
Contest closes 11:59 PM, Sept 1, 2020

ALL ART WORK MUST BE PRESENTED IN .JPG or .PNG format and emailed to curtislabelle@gmail.com

1) Listen to a studio version here for inspiration. The song is upbeat, happy and all about being alive and full of energy (copy and paste if needed) https://youtu.be/9vBsAcW1GeU
2) Fill out form this form
3) Get creative and send it in.
4) FREE to enter

Artwork chosen will be used and published as OFFICIAL single art work for "Five Finger Dance" and will be seen on all social media, music streaming platforms, print and digital distribution.

The WINNING artist will receive:
$150 cash
Signed copy of enlarged, printed and framed copy of single artwork by artist
Digital copy of single
Recognition and more!

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By entering this contest you agree to all federal and provincial FOIP laws under the provision of the Canadian law. *
By entering this contest you agree that if your artwork is chosen and you are representing the title of winner for the Five Finger Dance Single Art Work Contest, representing your art and Curtis Labelle, to all digital, print and any other form of merchandise will be used for promotional and marketing material at no continued residual income or remuneration is presented to the winning artist. *
If you are an artist under the age of 18, do you have a legal guardian to represent you and your art work?
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Name of legal guardian if under 18
If you are chosen as the winner you agree to all publication for digital and print media for product and marketing material and are willing to accept the cash prize of $150 with no further remuneration for your services and no residual income for your art work indefinitely. *
If you are chosen as the winning artist, you agree to being supported in magazines, interviews, additional advertising in social media and print *
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