The 50th SeoulTech's International Coffee Hour: Make Your Own Stamp
국제교육본부(어학교육팀)에서는 외국인 재학생 여러분의 문화교류 및 어학능력 향상을 위하여 Int'l Coffee Hour를 아래와 같이 개최하오니, 참가 희망하는 외국인 유학생들의 많은 신청 바랍니다. 참가비용은 무료로, 전액 국제교육본부에서 지원합니다.

Office of International Education cordially invites you to the 50th Int'l Coffee Hour: Make Your Own Stamp. All fees are sponsored by the Office of International Education, so it's free!

* Application deadline: November 20th 2020 (Friday)
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접수결과 안내(Notification of application result): November 23rd 2020 (Mon.)
Tel. (02) 970-9186, Kakao Channel:

To learn more information about the event, please refer to OIE Language website:
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