Let us know if you are coming. So that we can prepare enough food AND space.
This is for the Tech Talk this week as mentioned on NusHackers.org

We also have a couple of questions that we need to ask you because they will help us reach out to more people and allow more people to benefit from the talks & events we organize.
(We're also trying to find out which departments forwarded our email to you. Please let us know. Reasons as mentioned above.)


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Where did you find out about this event from? *
Please select those that apply. If two apply to you, select them both. Thanks :D
If you selected "Friend(s) told me about this", can you tell us the name(s) of the friend(s)?
Who invited who data is kinda cool. Maybe one day we'll build a graph visualization!
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Is this the first time you have heard of or are coming for an NUS Hackers event? *
You are coming for the... *
Please select those that apply. If two apply to you, select them both. So that we can prepare enough food and space. Thanks :D
What made you want to come for Friday Hacks? (5=highest, 1=lowest)
If you rate "Other Reason(s)" a 3 or higher, do tell us what they are in the "Comments and Feedback" box below. Thanks :D
The Food (usually pizza)
The Talk
The Hacking session
The Mingling with hackers
Other reason(s)
Any Comments or Feedback
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