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The small rural Croatian town of Perušić, home to about 850 people, carries the memory of the world’s struggle for democracy and social justice. Perušić and its immediate surrounding was the birthplace of 129 anti-fascist fighters that left their homes to fight alongside the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), and with the Yugoslav partisans during the Second World War (1941-1945). Their struggle against fascism is commemorated in a monument that bears the fighters’ names, including twelve veterans of the Spanish Civil War.

In exchange for their sacrifice in the global struggle for democracy, the community is now asking for support to protect the monument from being removed.

This is an international call for support from institutions, and individuals who recognize the contribution of Perušić’s volunteers to defeat fascism and Nazism. With this call, we honour the memory of those who decided to risk their lives for a better future for us all. We are now living times in which obscure, anti-democratic forces are threatening the world peace again. This call is also a statement about the need to stay vigilant under the current circumstances. The monument to the anti-fascist volunteers in Perušić is an inspiration for all of us who are currently confronting injustice across the world.

Recent research has shown that at least sixteen local young men joined the international brigades in Spain during the civil war. Most of them had immigrated from Yugoslavia during the 1920s for political or economic reasons. Those immigrants joined the brigades through their adopted countries, particularly Canada, the United States, Belgium, and France. During the war, they fought with the XV International Brigade, also known as Abraham Lincoln Brigade, the Dimitrov Battalion, the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion, the Jaroslav Dombrowski Battalion, among others. They saw action at Jarama, Madrid, Tortosa, and Brunete.

In 1954, the municipality of Perušić built a memorial ossuary in the town’s park for 52 victims of fascism and partisans who died in action. The memorial was changed in 1980 with the construction of a larger monument, which included a bronze relief and a plaque. This addition was intended to honour the names of Spanish Civil War veterans, a larger number of partisans, and 401 victims of fascist repression in the region.

Earlier this year, the municipality decided to expand the local children’s playground and remove the monument from the park. Under the cover of a European Union-funded project, the municipality intends to erase the memory of anti-fascist struggles from the public space. This is part of a wider attempt by the extreme right in Croatia and elsewhere in the Balkans to criminalize the political legacies of anti-fascist organizations and equate them with fascists, Nazis and their collaborators. The project to remove the monument in Perušić is opposed by local activists, who see the process as an offense to the memory of their relatives and an attempt to undermine democracy.

We stand with the community of Perušić in defense of a monument that celebrates their contribution to defeat Nazism and fascism, and inspires us to continue fighting for social justice. We demand the municipality of Perušić to reevaluate the park development project and respect the monument.

If you support this letter, please scroll down the list of signatories, and sign in the text-box below the image.


Adam Brown, London South Bank University, Senior Lecturer, UK
Adam Morris, Digital Content Manager, London, UK
Adam Rihak, travel agent, Spain
Adela Alos-Moner, Librarian, Spain
Adele Zubrzycka, University of Queensland, Australia
Adelino Gomes, Jornalista, Portugal
Adnan Prekic, historian, University of Montenegro
Adoa Coelho, writer, Portugal
Adolfo Cueto, researcher, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Adolfo Pastor Monleón Cuenca, España
Anders Fjeld, philosopher, Université Paris Diderot, France
Adrian Cabezas Sánchez, Historiador, GRIEGC, España
Adrián Ramos Méndez, Forest Technical Engineer, Spain
Adriana Bebiano, Professor, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Afonso Gomes, estudante, Lisboa, Portugal
Afonso Maia da Silva, law student, Portugal
Agustin Quiles, senior homeopat, Norway
Alain Badiou, philosopher, France
Alan Vlahov, sculptor, Croatia
Alan Valentine, Trade Union Organiser, TSSA, UK
Alan Weatherley, retired, UK
Alavi Aurélien, student, France
Albert Canet i Calderó, Empresari, Catalunya
Albert Macías. Public server. Spain.
Alberto J. Sampedro, Euskal Prospekzio Taldea, Bilbao, Bizkaia
Alberto Requena, Ingeniero de Montes, España
Alberto Vaquero, historian, Castile
Albina Baricevic, Rijeka, Croatia
Alcino Silva, Técnico, Portugal
Alejandro Andreassi Cieri, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Alejandro García Permuy, Social Worker, Spain
Alejandro Lopez Alvarez, Maestro de primaria, Nucleo local comunista de llangreu, Asturies, España.
Alejandro Rodríguez Gutiérrez, historiador, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Alejandro Sinner, Archaeologist, University of Victoria, Canada
Aleksandar Bošković, Lecturer, Columbia University, USA
Aleksandra Sekulic, culturologist, CZKD, Belgrade, Serbia
Aleksandra Turković Ph. D. Physics, Institute Ruđer Bošković, Croatia
Alen Špoljar, poljoprivrednik, Hrvatska
Alessandra Ferrini, University of the Arts London, UK
Alex Hale, archaeologist, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Alex Verdaguer, Barcelona, Catalunya
Alexander Stoff, Vienna, Austria
Alexandre Chatelin, freelancer, France
Alexandre Quintanilha, Member of Parliament, Portugal
Alexandre Teixeira, serralheiro, Portugal
Alfons Llopis Martinez, retired, UCFR, Spaine
Alfonso López Borgoñoz, investigador Brigadas internacionales, España
Ali Tamer Ürüm, Researcher, WAC, Turkey
Alicia Oliver, journaliste, Spain
Alicia Torija, professor, Tufts University
Alipio Ferreira, Retired, Antifascist, Portugal
Almiro José de Oliveira Lopes, Professor Aposentado, Peniche, Portugal
Almudena Izquierdo. Trabajadora. Activista. España
Álvaro Arizaga, Arqueólogo, ESCRBCG, Galiza, Spain
Amer Aljovic, Software Engineer, Berlin
Amesberger Helga, social scientiest, Oesterreichische Lagergemeinschaft Ravensbrueck und FreundInnen, Austria
Ana, project manager, Croatia
Ana Ara, Facilitacion procesos grupales, España
Ana Bela Dinis, socióloga, URAP, Portugal
Ana Fejzić, Nastavnik, Bosna i Hercegovina
Ana Henriques Pato, União de Resistentes Antifascistas Portugueses (URAP), Portugal
Ana Husman, Akademija likovnih umjetnosti, Zagreb, Croatia
Ana JOVANOV, assistante administrative, France
Ana Leonor Mata, conservator-restorer, Portugal
Ana Margarida Lopes, Archaeologist, Lisboa, Portugal
Ana María dos Santos, professor, Universidad Valladolid, Spain
Ana Maria Ramos Pinto Leitão, professora, Portugal
Ana Mata del Real, Jubilada, Movimiento Democrático de Mujeres
Ana Imsirovic Djordjevic, translator, activist, Serbia
Ana Ruiz, funcionaria, Spain
Ana Sanches Melero, Librarian, Espana
Ana Sanmartin
Ana Virgínia Pereira, professora, Portugal
Anabela Dias, mathematics, Faculdade ciências do Porto, Portugal
Anabela Henriques Lança, Socióloga, Portugal
Ananda Cansino Arán, illustrator, Spain
Anatolijs Venovcevs, archaeologist, UiT: The Arctic University of Norway, Norway
Anes Fehratovic, software developer, Bosnia and Herzegovina
André Amador, Assistente Operacional, Portugal
André Tomás Santos, Fundação Côa Parque, Portugal
André Tomé, archaeologist, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Andrea Brotas, aposentada
Andrea Čeko, architect, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Andrea Gil, Archaeologist, Spain
Andrea Martocchia, scientific consultant, Italy
Andrej Chvala, Zagreb, Croatia
Andrew Lawler, conservator, Serbia
Andro Ljubišić, student, Croatia
Aneta Vladimirov, Serbian National Council, Croatia
Ángel Luis Ramírez
Ángel Remis
Ángel Yebenes ex-concejal Ayuntamiento de Alfafar-Valencia - España
Angela Maria Azevedo da Silva, teacher, Portugal
Ani Udovicki, teacher, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, USA
Anita Yousif, President, Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology, Australia
Anja Jerman Kotnik, pharmacist, Croatia
Anja Kožul, journalist, Croatia
Anna Klobucka, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, US
Anna Semenova, professeur chercheur, La Russie
Ante Cvitkovic, Split, Croatia
Anton Glasnović, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Antón Formigo Rodrigues Gameiro, medical doutor, Lisbon
Antón Vilariño, xubilado, Galiza
Antoni Lucchetti, advocat i economista, Barcelona, Espanya
Antoni Masclans Ramoneda, selfemployed, Catalunya, Spain
Antoni Nicolau, Historian and cultural heritage. Spain
Antoni Simo Rosaleny, Jubilado, 73522928, España
Antònia Pascual Moreno, jubilada, España
Antoine Chicha, student, France
Antonin Hoffmann, student, France
Antonio Andrés, técnico de cultura, Murcia España
António Armando da Costa, Astrophysicist, Lisbon, Portugal
António Borges Coelho, Historiador, PortugalAntónio Cardoso Magalhães - profissional de Seguros - Porto - Portugal
António Carlos Silva, archeologist, Portugal
António Dias da Silva, Sintra, Portugal
Antonio Fernández, Bombero Jubilado, España
Antonio Galan Alvarez, Madrid, Spain "En favor de mantener el Monumento"
Antonio González, Cee (Galicia), España
Antonio João Oliveira Correia, Empresario, Barreiro Portugal
Antonio Kiselić Ledinsky, artist, Croatia
Antonio Lopez Agudo, Jubilado, España
Antonio Olea Rodríguez, Arqueología, España
Antonio Pérez Sánchez, Conductor, Jubilado, España
Antonio Perucha, retraité, France
António Ramos, professeur, João Barros school, Portugal
Antonio Selva Iniesta Historiador Director del Centro de Estudios y Documentación de las Brigadas Internacionales España
Antonija Petričušić, minority rights expert, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Antonio Rodriguez Lopez, editor
Antùonio Henrique Barata Raposo - informaticien pensionné
Anxo Collarte, docente, Galicia
Arturo Peinado, Federación Estatal de Foros por la Memoria. España
Arwa Badran, Durham University, UK
Asociación Fosa de Alcaraz, Albacete, España
Astolfo Araujo, archaeologist, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Armando, jubilado, socialista , España
Attila Dézsi, archaeologist, University of Hamburg, Germany
Augustin Herbet, student , Paris
Aurora Arjona, administrativa, Espany
Bagarry Joelle
Bárbara Durán-Bermúdez, archaeologist, Spain
Beatriz Comendador Rey, Archaologist, Professor, Spain
Begoña Almendros, Garrote, España
Behzad Khosravi Noori, artist, Konstfack University of Art, Stockholm, Sweden
Benjamin Peters, designer, Hamburg, Germany
Bernardo Reig, pensionistas de País Valencia
Bernardo Sánchez Muñoz, jubilado, miembro de ls Asociación Memoria Histórica de Cartagena, Cartagena, España
Betty Murphy, retired retail manager, member of F.I.B.I., Dublin, Ireland
Bienvenido García, Barrendero, España
Biljana Medic, dipl.oec, Croatia
Birgit Lehner, storyteller, Austria
Bojan Bobić, student, Serbia
Bojan Mrđenović, artist, Croatia
Bonasse Roseline, juriste, France
Boris Bobanac, upr.pravnik, Split
Boris Mijakovac, psiholog, HCK, Croatia
Boris Milat, controller, entrepreneur, Split, Croatia
Boris Milošević, lawyer, Member of Parliament, Croatia
Boris Postnikov, journalist, Novosti, Croatia
Bouthillon Claire, France
Božidar Flajšman, Slovenia
Brad Oliver, Driver,Green Party, Scotland
Brais García Fernández, editor, Galiza
Branimir Gavrilović, Croatia
Branko Golič
Bridget Burnett, mental health nurse, Scotland
Brigitte Halbmayr, Sozialwissenschafterin, Österreichische Lagergemeinschaft Ravensbrück & Freundinnen, Austria
Bruno Alves Valcárcel, Tsid, Galiza, Spain
Bruno Moura Rocha, engineer, Brazil
Buga Posavec, Croatia
Campos Honorato, jubilado, UGT, Barcelona
Candela Martínez Barrio, archaeologist, Spain
Carlos Benitez Trinidad, Historiador, Universidad Santiago de Compostela, España
Carlos Bielsa, retired local administration, Madrid, Spain
Carlos Coutinho jornalista Lisboa Portugal
Carlos Cortés, journalist, Spain
Carlos Irazabal Sanchis, Militante y Educador Social, España
Carlos Lastanao, Oficial mantenimiento, España
Carlos Louzada Subtil, Professor, Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal
Carlos Marín Suárez, archaeologist, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Carlos Nunes, Trabalhador, Portugal
Carlos Otero, arqueólogo, España
Carlos Patrão, system engenier, Portugal
Carlos Píriz, Historian, Spain
Carlos Rodney Ortiz Castro
Carlos Tejerizo, archaeologist, University of the Basque Country, Spain
Carlos Zimpel, archaeologist, Rondonia Federal University, Brazil
Carmen Bocanegra, jubilada, Madrid, Spain
Carmen Garcia Rodeja, profesora, ARMH, España
Carolina Fenoll, researcher, Spain
Castel Patrice, Ensignant, France
Castel Sébastien, artisan, France
Casto Rivadulla, Neuroscientist, Univ of Coruna, Spain
Catarina Santos Silva Aires, Aposentada, Portugal
Cecily Webster, archaeologist, University of the Highlands and Islands, UK
Célia Nunes Pereira, Portugal
César Parcero-Oubiña, archaeologist, Institute of Heritage Sciences, Spain
Claire Smith, archaeologist, Flinders University, South Australia
Clara Riba Romeva, professor, Spain
Clarisse Bally, enseignante France
Cláudia Lourenço, Portugal
Claudio Arbore, geographer, IULM University, Milan, Italia
Cleia Detry, researcher, Portugal
Chris Matthews, archaeologist, Montclair State University, USA
Christine Duplaiss, Fonctionnaire territoriale, libre-penseuse, France
Christophe Janiczak, teacher, France
Conceição Castro, Médica, Portugal
Concepción Franco, Jubilada, España
Concha de Sena Eurotrainer ETUI Spain
Conchi Hurtado, Social Worker, Toledo, Spain
Consol Hernández Garcia, Membre Amical Brigades Internacionals de Catalunya, Espanya
Covadonga Fernandez-Loza Fernandez, celador, Gijón, España
Cristina Gameiro, archaeologist, Portugal
Cristina RIhuete, archaeologist, Spain
Cristina Rodroiguez, Profesora, España
Daniel, electricista, Madrid, España
Danièle Renard, retraitée, République Souveraine, France
Danielle Lapierre, retirada, Francia
Danielle Rancière, philosopher, Paris
Daniela Beric, teacher, Sabac, Serbia
Daniela Viela, Museologist, Money Museum, Portugal
Danijel Gladoić, telekomunikacijski tehničar, Hrvatska
Dario Kohn, Art Collections Manager, New York USA
David Brás, licenciado em biotecnologia, Portugal
David Íñiguez; Professor; Universitat de Barcelona, Catalunya
David Pérez Boza, informático, España
David Rocha, museum technician, Portugal
David Sables, United Kingdom
Davor Konjikusic, journalist and artist, Croatia
Davor Šegulja, seamen, Capt., Croatia
Davor Špoljar, archaeologist, Croatia
Davorin Ćuti, historian, Osijek, Croatia
Davorka Perić, independent curator & art historian, Croatia
Declan McElroy, supply teacher, Ireland
Delhomme Dominique, traductrice, France
Dejan Jović, Professor of Political Science, Croatia
Dejan Žmuk, clerk, Croatia
Dejn Djakovic, Hrvatska
Denis Gojak, archaeologist + heritage specialist, University of Sydney, Australia
Denise Xavier, Museóloga, Brasil
Desrues Claudine, Enseignante retraitée
D'Hérail de Brisis, professeur, France
Diamantino Cabrita, Electricista, Portugal
Diego de Araújo Sá, history teacher, Brazil
Dijana Abramović, prof. hrvatskog jezika, Croatia
Dina Vozab, sociologist, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Dolores, psicóloga, España
Dolores Cabra Loredo. Archivera. Secretaría General de Archivo Guerra y Exilio AGE. España
Dolores Pena Jubilada, Galicia, Spain
Dolores Sanchez Durá, profesies, Española
Dolors Capellà, Catalunya
Domagoj Kostanjevac, teaching assistant, University of Osijek, Croatia
Domagoj Zovak, journalist, Croatia
Dos Santos José, retraité , France
Dragan Momcilovic, DVM, USA
Dragana Prokic Dimitrijevic, ingeniero, España
Drago Roksandić, historian, professor emeritus, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Dragomir Olujić Oluja, politikolog, Srbija
Draženka Kosić, English teacher, Croatia
Dulong Jean-Jacques, avocat, France
Dusan Hudec, Filmmaker, Slovak Republic
Dusko Antic, Warehouse worker, Germany
Đokica Jovanović, Professor, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Đorđe Božović, linguist, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Edin Muftic
Edite Estrela, vice-president, Portuguese Parliament, Lisbon, Portugal
Eduard Amouroux Alemany, Amical de las Brigadas Internacionales de Catalunya
Eduard Montané Querol, architecte, France
Eduardo Cardoso Magalhães - administrativo - Porto - Portugal
Eduardo Delgado Duatis, engineer, Barcelona, Spain
Eduardo González Gómez de Agüero, Arqueólogo, Universidad de León, España
Eduardo Henrique Barbosa de Vasconcelos, State University of Goias - UEG, Brazil
Edvin Salihović, retail, Hrvatska
Elena Cerviño Ferrín. Carpenter. Fundación. Cuntis - Pontevedra - Spain Terra Termarum Castrolandín.
Elena Chemerska, visual artist, North Macedonia
Eli Sorde, Jubilada, Barcelona, Espanya
Elisa Villalpando, archaeologist, INAH, Mexico
Elisabet Alberich, retired, independentist, Catalunya Spain
Elisabete Alves, engenharia civil, Portugal
Elisabeth Fraberger, teacher, Vienna
Eleonora A. Roxo, Brasil
Elsa María Anca Ruiz, DNI 3822149D, jubilada, Toledo, España
Elvis Krstulović, Artist, Croatia
Emili, Jubilado, España
Emilio Sales Almazán, jubilado, España
Emina Safaric, heritage/history/art history/ Denmark
Emre Yalcin, educated historian and editor
Ena Kukić, architect, University of Technology Graz
Enes Mustafic, IT, covjek, BiH
Enrique Pérez, Jubilado, España
Enrique Rodríguez, Agricultor, Castilla, España
Eric Allart, History teacher, France
Eric Ušić, culturologist/PhD student, Croatia
Erich Hackl, escritor, Austria
Ernest Herzog, WJC, Croatia
Ernestine S. Elster, archaeologist, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology UCLA, USA
Erwan Le Guen, student, France
Esmeralda Valdivia Lopez, Funcionària, Catalonia
Esteban Galera, Solidaridad Internacional IU
Esther Dueñas, Técnico, España
Estrella Aranda Osoijo, pensionista, Movimiento Democrático de Mujeres, España
Eugénio Manuel Pacheco da Costa Ruivo; Técnico Superior de Educação Física; Gracinda do Rosário Pacheco Ruivo e Eugénio da Costa Ruivo; Concelho: Mafra
Eva Aneiros Vivas, Teacher, Spain
Eva Molina, Edicadora, Defensora derechos humanos, Nicaragua
Eva Such, profesora, Universidad Popular Valencia
Eve Campbell, archaeologist, Ireland
Evelia Martín, jubilada, España
Fábio Mladenovic Vicente, Designer, Portugal
Faruk Tuzovich, Tuzcuoglu, ind.Designer, "proleters of the world unite", Born Croatian, Origin Montenegro, living at Turkey
Faustino Zapico Álvarez, historian, Asturies
Feđa Klarić, fotoreporter, Croatia
Felipe Criado-Boado, archaeologist, Institute of Heritage Sciences, Spanish National Research Council
Feliu Crespí Niubò, Gestió i administració empreses, jubilat
Félix Eroles, Professor, Spain
Félix López García - churrero-
Félix Magalhães, audio eng, URAP, Portugal
Fernando Casuso, Marketing, Spain
Fernando Casuso Rodríguez, economista, Spain
Fernando García Gudiña, Empresario, España
Fernando Novella, Jubilado, España
Fernando Perez Iglesias, Medico Pediatra, Madrid, Spain
Fernando Santos, archaeologist, Portugal
Fidel Nicolás Mateos Taxista en Barcelona, Deseo que se mantenga el morumento antifascista por la historia
Filipa Massena Vedes, arquitecta, Lisboa, Portugal
Filipa Vedes, arquitecta, Lisboa, Portugal
Flávio Pinho, teacher, Conservatório de Música de Coimbra, Portugal
Flor Serna Zafrilla, Educadora, Albacete España
Floren Dimas, Oficial del Ejército del Aire e investigador histórico
Florence Jouy, profesor de historia, jubilada, España
Filip Pračić,, Croatia
Filipe Castro, archaeologist, Texas A&M University, USA
Finn Conolly, apprentice, probably related to James Connolly and some of my family we think fought in the Connolly column, Scotland
Foissey agent public France
Francesc Consuegra Giner, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Francesca Ros Soler, Barcelona, España
Francisca Alves Cardoso, Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia, FCSH, Universidade NOVA de
Lisboa, Portugal
Francisca Sampaio, cultural mediator, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal
Francisca Sousa, conservator, Portugal
Francisco Almeida, Archaeologist Cultural heritage programs manager, Taungurung Land and Waters Council, Australia
Francisco Alonso Toucido, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Francisco Canelas, Student-Worker, URAP, Portugal
Francisco Carrillo, jubilado
Francisco Faúlha, anti - fascista — Portugal
Francisco García Cediel, abogado de Madrid
Francisco González, Economist, España
Francisco Macías Macías, editor, España
Francisco Quaresma, reformado, Portugal
francisco S A. Fernandes, Contabilista Certificado, Portugal
Francisco Serafim, professor, Portugal
Francisco Vigueras Roldan, periodista.
Francesco A. Tola, artworker, Sardinia, Italy
François Crechriou, teacher, French Guiana
François Hers, artiste, France
François Rauwel, teacher, France
Françoise Masanès
Frederic Tarazona i Domenech, writer, spain
Gabriel André, Galician Language Lecturer, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Gabriel Garcia, represaliado Español 1974-75
Gal Kirn, cultural theorist, TU Dresden, Germany
Galina Maksimović, community coordinator at Reconstruction Women's Fund, Serbia
Gautreau Lounès, student, France
Gemma Canela, community educator, Spain
Gerardo Gilardoni Montevideo, Uruguay, Docente, Jubilado
Germán Alonso, geógrafo, Barcelona, España
Gerry McGarry, Civil Servant, Scotland
Gervais Emmanuel, Statistician, France
Gervasio Cordero Mestanza, Economista, Sindicato Comisiones Obreras, España
Geode Crystaal, dairy goat farmer, Catalunya
George Kokkalis, historian, teacher, Greece
Glória Maria Vieira Paiva Amador, escriturária, Peniche, Portugal
Gin Mueller, University of Vienna, Austria
Guillaume Lambert
Gonçalo Nuno Paiva Amador, Programmer, Amaris, Portugual
Goran Kapetanovic Ambassador (ret.) B&H, Canada, Serbia
Goran Mećava, snimatelj, Croatia
Goran Šarotić, mag.oec., Split, Croatia
Goran Tomac, archaeologist, Croatia
Goran Vrhovec, journalist, Croatia
Gorana Sinovčić, znanstveni savjetnik Institut za oceanografiju i ribarstvo Split, Hrvatska
Gordana Radman,, Hrvatska
Graça Osório, reformada, URAP, Portugal
Graeme Hyslop OBE, retired college principal, Glasgow, Scotland
Gregorio Benito Aragoneses, Madrid, España
Guillermo Casañ Ferrer, profesor, investigador sobre la sanidad de las Brigadas Internacionales, España
Gumersindo Molero, Granada, Spain
Hadbi Youcef, Architecte, Paris, France
Hadrien Clouet, sociologist (CSO-CNRS), France
Hannelore Stoff, Vienna
Hans-Jürgen Schwebke, Germany
Helen Nicholson, archaeologist, Kalliope Consultancy, Australia
Helena Barbosa, archaeologist, University of Porto, Portugal
Helena Carvalho, archaeology professor, Univ. Minho, Portugal
Helena Maria Martins Costa Pereira, Museologist, Science Museum University of Coimbra, Portugal
Helena Nodilo, arheolog, Hrvatska
Heloisa Paulo, professora, Portugal
Heni Erceg, journalist Croatia
Hervé Lemesle, historien, Saintes, France
Harun Novic, LL.B., Bosnia and Herzegovina
Henrique Dias, electricista, Lisboa, Portugal
Hilary Jones, Retired Social Worker. U.K.
Hilary Howes, historian, The Australian National University, Australia
Hilary Orange, archaeologist, Swansea University, UK
Hrvoje Simicevic, novinar, Hrvatska
Hugo Chautón, Archaeologist, Spain
Hugo Baptista, archaeologist, Portugal
Huguenin Marianne, anc. parlementaire nationale, Suisse
Husnija Kamberovic, Professor, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Iban Sánchez, archaeologist, Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Basque Country
Ida Loher, teacher, Croatia
Ifigenia Bueno Bordell, jubilada España
Ignacio Casuso, comercial, España
Igor Drvendžija, sociologist & historian, Serbian National Council, Croatia
Igor Kusin, linguist, freelancer, Croatia
Igor Lasić, journalist, Croatia
Igor Miosic, teacher, Gimnazija Dubrovnik, Croatia
Igor Radovniković, dipl.oec, Hrvatska
Igor Scepanovic, pilot, leftist, Serbia
Ilda Marques,aposentada,Portugal
Ilija Ranić, politolog, Croatia
Inês Beleza Barreiros, art historian, Portugal
Inês Fialho Brandão, museum manager and researcher
Ingrid Sager, policy officer, Austria
Irene Blanco, art student, SPAIN
Irene García Lino, historiadora, Spain
Irina Dimitric, retired teacher, Sydney, Australia
Isabel Mao Casas, España
Isabelle Vodoz, linguist, Sorbonne, France
Isidre Soler Clarena, Arquitècte Tècnic, Catalunya
Isidro Sánchez Sánchez. Profedor Honorífico de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. España
Israel García, Ingeniero, España
Iva Kovač, visual artist, Croatia
Iva Stojevic, archaeologist, Croatia
Ivan Aller, Engineer, UK
Iván García, archaeologist, Spain
Iván Vázquez Franco, Lawyer, Spain
Ivana Momčilović, dramaturge, Belgium
Ivana Pantic-Mardesic, diplomirani filozof, Srbija
Ivica Djordjevic, film editor, Media Archaeology, Serbia
Ivica Duhović- Zaknic, književnica, Hrvatska
Jacinta Palerm, Anthropology, Colegio de Postgraduados, México
Jadran Boban, film director, Croatia
Jacinto Oliveira, Arqueólogo, Portugal
Jacques Rancière University Paris 8
Jacques Mizrahi, France
Jagoda Kljaić, Glina, Hrvatska
Jaime Ruiz, profesor, Presidente Amesde
Jane Foster, freelance writer, UK
Jaro Rihak, director, writer, Slovakia
Jasna Grubješić Rodić, journalist and writer, Croatia
Jasna Medic, dipl.oec, Croatia
Javier Alonso Arista, ingeniero, España
Javier Gimeno, Bibliotecario, España
Javier iñañez, university of the basque country, spain
Jean-Paul Demoule, Professor, University of Paris I Sorbonne, France
Jeffrey Benjamin, Columbia University, USA
Jela Duić dipl.ecc. Split. Croatia
Jelena Behaim, art historian, Spain
Jelica Jovanović, architect, Grupa arhitekata, Serbia
Jessica Smyth, archaeologist, University College Dublin, Ireland
Jesús F. Jordá, geologist, UNED, Spain
Jesús Blanco Cortina, arquitecto, DNI 388562T, Toledo, España
Jesus Miguel Ibáñez Pastor; jubilado, San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante, España
Jesús Pérez Martínez, sindicalista, jubilado, Madrid, España
Jim McDaid, Teacher, Chairperson, Irvine & North Ayrshire Trades Union Council, Scotland, UK
Jimena Luebke Azcoaga, therapist, Spain
João António Horta Gato, Reformado das forças Armadas, Portugal Alentejo
João António Narcizo, reformado, URAP, Portugal
João Arsénio de Sousa Alves, Eng, português, Portugal
João Arsénio Nunes, researcher, CEI-IUL (Iscte), Portugal
João Carlos Senna-Martinez, archaeologist, University of Lisbon, Portugal
João Ferreira Marques, Archaeologist, Portugal
João Fróis Médico Portugal
João Luís J. Fernandes, geographer and professor, university of Coimbra (Portugal)
João Hermenegildo, professor filosofia, Portugal
João Sequeira, Coronel, Reformado, Portugal
João Silva, History Teacher, Portugal
Joan Antón Garcia, Funcionario, Spain
Joan Fàbregas, educador, Spain
João Paulo Roque de Matos, professor, Portugal
Joan Puig, jubilat, Català, Espanya
Joaquim Vieira, journalist, writer and filmaker, Portugal
Joel Gauvain, senior, France
Joël ALBERT, retraité, France
Johan Sandvang Larsen, PhD-fellow, Aarhus University, Denmark
Johana Caterina Mantilla Oliveros, archaeologist, Universität zu Köln, Germany
Johanna Wischin, Buchhalterin sozialorientiert, Österreich
Jordi Cot Ramos, Pensionista, Mataró, Catalunya
Jordi Gonzalez Juan, jubilado
Jordi Marzo, Barcelona
Jordi Ramos Ruiz, archaeologist, Barcelona, Spain
Jordi Ribó Flos, prevencionista jubilai, España
Jorge Alborch, Diseñador Gráfico, España
Jorge Christian Fernández, professor, UFMS, Brazil
Jorge Freitas Seabra, médico, Portugal
Jorge G. Macri Lema, architect, Spain
Jorge García Cáceres Jubilado España
Jorge García García, archivist, Spain
Jorge García Muñoz, Madrid, España
Jorge Leitão, architect, Portugal
Jorge Marco, University of Bath, UK
Jose Antonio Arcaya, jubilado, España
José António Bombas Amador, pescador, Peniche Portugal
José A. Herbosa Alonso, draftsman, Spain
José Benito Batres, Abogado, 50145002B, España
José Camarena Bataller, Cab driver, USA
José Carlos Gonçalves da Silva, electricista, Portugal
Jose Cristobal Carvajal Lopez, archaeologist, University of Leicester, Spanish citizen
José de Sousa Lopes, engenheiro, Porto, Portugal
José Enrique García Blanco, Licenciado en Historia, Madrid
Jose Gamero Bove, welder, pccc, Spain
José Gonçalves, public worker, Portugal
José Gotovitch, Historien, Professeur Université de Bruxelles, Belgique
José Luis Albero Nafría, computer engineer, Spain
José Luis Espada Sáez, Maestro
Jose Luis Gamero González, Tortosa, España
José Luis Gimeno García, Matató, España
José Luiz Vale Rêgo Mendes, Engenheiro Técnico, Parede, Portugal.
José Maceda Gallego, craftsman, Galicia, Spain
José Manuel Duarte, retired secondary teacher, Rana, Portugal
José Manuel Lopes Cordeiro, professor, Universidade do Minho, Portugal
Jose María Señorán Martín, archaeologist, Spain
José Nunes Almeida, Metalúrgico, Portugal
Jose Rodríguez Fernández, Archaeology professor, Basque Country, Spain
Jose Saval, profesor de Literatura, University of Edinburgh, UK
José Vitorino, copywriter, Lisbon
Josep Illa Ximenes, professor d'Història jubilat, Mataró, Catalunya, España
Josep Íñigo, fotògraf, Catalonia, Spain
Josep Medina I Rodrigo, Pensionista, València
Josep Parés Salvador, fotógraf, Catalunya
Josiane Kunzler, Museologist, Brazil
Josip Blaževac, electrical engineer, Croatia
Josip Erceg, umirovljenik, Hrvatska
Josip Hrgović, Hrvatska
Josip Jagić, small business owner, Croatia
Josip Jagić, Project Manager, RLS SEE, Serbia
Josip Milat, prof. PhD Split, Croatia
Josu Santamarina-Otaola, archaeologist, University of the Basque Country, Spain
Jovan Jarić, journalist, Novi Sad, Serbia
Jovan Nikolić, architecture technician, Serbia
Jovica Čekić, Lawyer, Serbia
Jovo Bakić, Sociologist, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Juan Carlos Collazo Alejandre, recolledor de lixo , Galicia, España
Juan de Dios Plaza Dávila, Técnico electrónico, España
Juan Jose Lleixa Utrillas — Pendionista— Barcelona Españana
Juan Carlos Molina Alcántara, miembro de asociación memorialista de la Carlota, Córdoba, España
Juan Carlos Puerta, Dramaturgo, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid
Juan Carlos Sánchez, empleado, España
Juan Fran Núñez Parreño, Villamalea, España
Juan Francisco Morales Ruiz, periodista, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid
Juan Manuel Punzón, postman, Barcelona, Spain
Juan Miguel Nogués Garcia, abogado, triángulo azul, España
Juan Pablo López, archaeologist, Terra Levis-MASAV, España
Juan Pablo Venditti, Artist, Galicia, Spain
Juan Ramoneda Fernandez, nif 46306862 de 71 años jubilado residente en Barcelona, España
Juan Sanz Calvo, profesor, España
Juan Torrado, factótum, España
Juana León Sánchez, funcionaria jubilada, Madrid, España
Julia Munoz Bradford, educator, US
Julia Querol Roselló, jubilada
Julio Montero Consejero Ciudadano de la EMV Rivas Vaciamadrid
Juraj Liptak, Artist, Germany
Jurica Pušenjak, student slikarstva ALU, Zagreb, Croatia
Karin Grgorović, trgovac, Radnička fronta, Hrvatska
Karlo Držaić, historian, Croatia
Katarina Peović, Filozofski fakultet u Rijeci, Hrvatska
Kazuo Morimoto, historian, Osaka University of Economics and Law, Japan
Kenza Belliard, Republique Souveraine, France
Klaus Helms, retired worker, member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Germany
Kosovka Nesic, arhitekta, Beograd, Srbija
Kosta Bovan, political psychologist, Faculty of Political Science, Zagreb, Croatia
Kosta Jakic, Pianist, Sibelius Academy Helsinki, Finland
Krešimir Zovak, historian and teacher, Croatia
Krešo Kezele, Zagreb, Croatia
Krunoslav Stojaković, Historian, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Germany/Serbia
Kuzmanovic Dejan, sociologue, République Souveraine, France
Kuzmanovic Georges, géopoliticien, République Souveraine, France
Ladislav Babić, freelancer, outside the institution, Croatia
Lagani Irini , Professor of European History, Panteion University, Athens, Greece
Lana Lovrenčić, art historian, Office for Photography, Croatia
Laura McAtackney, Archaeologist / Heritage, Aarhus University, Denmark
Laurent Rouxel, Retraité
Laurent Veyrenc, financial advisor, France
Laurier Turgeon, professor, Laval University, Canada
Leandro Matthews Cascon, archaeologist, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Lee, support worker, UK
Lela Vukelić Glušica, Beograd, Srbija
Lenka Djorojevic, artist, Slovenia
Leonardo González Pérez, archaeologist, Trivium ect, Spain
Léopold Lambert, editor
Lia Branco, Executivo Secretary, Portugal
Lidija Berlot, Retired teacher, France
Liliana Rocha, professora, Portugal
Lina Rica, artist, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Linda Buck, France
Lino Veljak, philosopher, Croatia
Lluís Orozco, Doctor en Medicina, Barcelona, Spain
Ljiljana Kolešnik, art historian, Institute of Art History, Croatia
Ljiljana Nikolovska, musician, producer, progressive activist...#SFSN #BLM
Ljiljana Raic, uciteljica, Dalmacija
Ljube Stojanovski, mechanical engineer, Skopje, Macedonia
Ljubica Slavkovic, researcher, architect, Center for Cultural Decontamination, Serbia
Ljubo Baricevic, ing., Rijeka, Croatia
Ljubomir Jakic, Belgium
Lola Calatayud
Lola Llorens Picazo, enfermera, España
Lorenzo Alou, comercial, Spain
Louro, Victor, Forester, Portugal
Lovro Krnić, activist, Antifašistički vjesnik, Croatia
Lucía Santos Félix, Madrid, España
Luciano Borrego, teacher, Spain
Luka Matić, consultant & analyst, Croatia
Luka Pejić, historian, University of Osijek, Croatia
Luka Resanović, worker, Croatia
Luka Skansi, architecture historian, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Luis A. Ruiz, archaeologist, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Luis Cardoso, teacher, Portugal
Luís de Moura Sobral, Art Historian, Professor Emeritus, Université de Montréal, Canada
Luis Ferreiora da Silva. Advogado, PCP, Portugal
Luís Ferro
Luís Filipe Elias, History teacher, Portugal
Luís Filipe Maçarico, Antropólogo, Aldraba Associação do Espaço e Património Popular, Portugal
Luis Jiménez De La Cuesta, Volunteer, Citizen Of The World
Luis Manuel de Magalhães Matos - jurista - Portugal
Luís Santos Veiga, Engenheiro, Portugal
Luis Silva Carvalho,professor, Porto Portugal
Luis Suárez-Carreño, architect, La Comuna, Spain
Luísa Barros Amaral, Sculptor, Museum Assistant, Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Luiza Margan, visual artist, Croatia
Luísa Tiago de Oliveira, historiadora, Portugal
Luísa Tito de Morais, journalist, URAP, Portugal
Lujo Parežanin, journalist and musician, Croatia
Luka Sabljić, student, Germany
Ĺuz Sánchez Megido, España
M. Dolores Heredia, conable, España
M. Jesús Conte, Maestra de ciencias humanas, España
Ma Amparo García García, España
Machú Ara, enfermera, España
Mackwitz Eric, cadre socio educatif syndicaliste France
Madalena Garcia, curator, Lisboa, Portugal
Magda Fonseca, conselho nacional URAP, Lisboa Portugal
Magia Bernal-Quiros, Graduada en Derecho, España
Mahir Hrnjić, Aarhus University, Denmark
Maja Alivojvodic, marketing specialist, Croatia
Maja Flajsig, art historian, ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, Croatia
Maja Kuzmanovic, journalist, Hrvatska
Malcolm Maclean, FRSA, Artist, Scotland
Mamadou Ba, SOS Racismo Portugal
Manuel Alonso Martinez, Ingeniero, Valencia
Manuel Antonio Franco Fernández, arqueólogo, Spain
Manuel Augusto Araújo, arquitecto, Lisboa, Portugal
Manuel Castro, Concejal de hacienda y patrimonio de Rivas. España
Manuel C. Vazquez Calvo, profesor jubilado,, PCE, España .es necesario no olvidar
Manuel Dias, professor, Portugal
Manuel Jesús Riera Menendez, jubilado
Manuel Leiras Camino, estudent of History in the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Manuel Loff, historian, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Manuel Lopes, Translator, Portugal
Manuel Martins Guerreiro, capitão de Abril apoio
Manuel Ramírez Gimeno, peluquero, Albacete, España
Manuel Ramos
Manuel Ruivo, Reformado, Portugal
Manuel Sáenz , jubilado, Andalucia, España
Manuel VEGA, Retraité, FRANCE
Manuel Vicente, science communicator, Spain
Manuela Mora Parra, Profesora, València Spain
Manuelina Duarte, professor, Université de Liège, Belgium
Márcia Lika Hattori, archaeologist, Institute of Heritage Sciences, CSIC, Spain
Marshall Mateer, media artist, IBMT, UK
Marco Atienza, Rivas Vaciamadrid, Spain
Mar Merino, Pensionista, I.U. España
Mari Sol Gonzalez, delegada de AGE en Cantabria (España)
Marianne Sallum, archaeologist, University of São Paulo, Brazil
María, fisioterapeuta, España
Maria Alice Samara, historian, Nova University, Portugal
Maria Almeida, student, Portugal
María Borja Ortiz, Conservator, Spain
Maria Carolina De Souza Carneiro, Student, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Maria Cristina Escribano, ingeniero , Spain
Maria Cristina Meneses Santos, history teacher, Portugal
Maria Dovigo, secondary school teacher, Portugal
Maria Dulce dos Santos Baudouin, Montes Pereira, bancária, Portugal
María Figuerero, archaeologist, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
María Galán Álvarez, jubilada, España
María Gisbert Sorolla, Jubilada, España
Maria Irene Mendes, Assistente Social, Portugal
Maria Isabel da Silva Pimenta Melo, professora, Portugal
Maria Isabel Ferrandiz Blas, jubilada, Barcelona España
Maria Jesús Casado Sanz, Spain
Maria Jose Ribeiro, profissional seguros, Portugal
Maria Kokkinou, CEFRES, Prague
María Luisa Castro, archaeologist, Pontevedra, Spain
Maria Macic, Production manager, Austria
Maria Majó i Clavell, Mestra, AV Rocafonda, Mataró, Catalunya
María Reyes Bellido Jaime
Maria Ribeiro, Musóloga, Portugal
Maria Teresa Azevedo Ferreira Lopes - Portugal
Maria Teresa V. Fonseca, Escriturária, Portugal
Maria Vlachou, Cultural Manager, Portugal/Greece
Marián Martínez, administrative, A Pobra do Brollón, Spain
Marie-Françoise Davignon, professeure retraitée, Espagne
Marien, restorer, Spain
Maja Adžija, prof., Ličanka, Zagreb
Marija Danic, migration officer, Serbia
Marija Djordjevic, museologist, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Marija Dukić Panza, retired, Croatia
Marija Rađa, teacher, Croatia
Marija Vlašić, ekonomist, Hrvatska
Marília Villaverde Cabral - Coordenadora do Conselho Directivo da União de Resistentes Antifascistas Portugueses - URAPs
Marin Antić, umirovljenik, Hrvatska
Marin Kuzmic, publicista, Hrvatska
Marion Thuswald, researcher in the field of education, Austria
Mário Joel Ramos Maia, economista, Portugal
Mário Manuel Marques Alves, Reformado, URAP, Portugal
Mario Šimunković, Zagreb, Croatia
Mario Tomina, Zagreb
Marisa Fernandez, España
Margaret Paris, retired, Scotland
Margarita Pena Puentes Enfermera, Lugo, España
Mavi, Funcionaria, España
Mcarmen Carrillo Vegas España
Miguel Valério, archaeologist/philologist, University of Bologna, Italy
Mirjana Batinić, PhD, Croatia
Marin Jurjević, political scientist, Split, Croatia
Marjolijn Kok, archaeologist/artist, the Netherlands
Marko Ćurčić, sociologist, Serbia
Marko Faber, graduate student of geography, Croatia
Marko Kovacic, research fellow, Institute for Social Research, Croatia
Marko Mormil, journaliste, Paris, France
Marko Sjekavica, LL.M., M.A., Figol, Centre for Social Digestion, Croatia
Marshall Mateer, artist and writer, UK
Marta, administrativo, España
Marta Diaz-Guardamino, Durham University, UK
Martin Arbanas, history teacher, Croatia
Martin Kubelka, It, Croatian living in Macedonia
Martín Rodrigo, historiador, España
Martin Tosheski, Prilep, Macedonia
Martina Barešić, curator, Jasenovac Memorial Site, Croatia
Mate Kapović, linguist, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Matthew Sobczyk, Carpenter, USA
Mauro C. R. Correia, archaeologist, Portugal
Mercè Bosch, jubilada, Espanya
Mia Kumrić
Michael Gavin, retired photographer, Spain
Miguel Ángel Descalzo, mantenimiento, Valencia
Miguel Ángel Trujillo González, Spain
Miguel Díaz Rodríguez, Architect, Spain
Miguel Jimenez Sánchez, tejedor jubilado, Cataluña
Miguel Maldonado, Informático, Valencia, España
Miguel Mascaro
Miguel Paulitos, musician, PCP, Portugal
Mijo Juretić, pensioner, Spliit, Croatia
Mike Arnott, Dundee Trades Union Council, Scotland
Mikel Astoreka, bombero, Vitoria
Mila Simões de Abreu, Archaeology Unit, UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal
Milan Milosavljevic, filmmaker, anti-fascist, Serbia
Milan Radanović, historian, Archive of Serbs in Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia
Milena de Souza, Museóloga, Brasil
Milena Ostojic, translator, Croatia
Milena Živanović, student, Serbia
Milica Manojlovic-Stojanoski, Institute for Biological Research, Serbia
Milica Popović, political scientist, Sciences Po Paris, France
Milivoj Dretar, povjesničar, Ludbreg, Hrvatska
Milo Petrović, sociolog, Udruženje "Španski borci 1936-1939", Beograd
Milorad Milun, emeritus, Croatia
Milorad Pupovac, linguist, University of Zagreb, Member of Croatian Parliament, Croatia
Minel Abaz, political scientist, musician, publicist
Miodrag Mišković, digital marketing, Croatia
Mirjana Mulic, dipl.oec., Hrvatska
Mirjana Vlajin Rabrenovic, Srbija
Mirko Banja, Graz, Austria
Miro Gal, USA
Miroslav Demajo, biolog, naučni savetnik u penziji, Srbija
Mirzeta Hadzibrahimovic, PhD in biology, Serbia
Mladen Novaković, attorney at law, Serbia
Moises Sebastian Hernandez, Pilot, Spain
Moni Lopez
Mónica Rodríguez Vázquez A Pobra do Brollòn
Montse Milà Estrada, Trabajadora social
Mosoran Roko Sinovčić, senior, Croatia
Nada Beros, art critic, Croatia
Naïma Berkane, student, Sorbonne Université, France
Nancy Farrell, President, Cultural Resource Management Services, USA
Natalia Routkevitch, journaliste, France
Nataša Blagaić, dentalni asistent, Maslinica, otok Šolta
Nataša Bodrožić, curator/culture worker, Croatia
Natasa Ljubuisavljevic, reditelj - Los Angeles, USA
Nebojša Blanuša, political psychologist, Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Nebojša Gruborović, Zavarivač, Petrinja, Hrvatska
Nebojša Katić, economist, London
Nedim Fejzić, Vazduhoplovni Tehničar, Međunarodni Aerodrom "Sarajevo", Bosna i Hercegovina
Nedim Klipo, mechanical engineer, Bosnia and Herzegovina/Austria
Nedzad Sehic, BiH - Sweden
Nenad Duić dipl.iur Split. Croatia
Nenad Romić, researcher, Coventry University, UK
Nenad Vukušić, freelance copywriter, Croatia
Nerzuk Ćurak, Professor, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Neven Kačić-Bartulović, samostalni poduzetnik, Hrvatska
Nicolas Pierre, physician doctor, Belgium
Nicolas Pomiès, administrator, Union des FAmilles Laïques (UFAL), France
Nieves Garcia Ortiz, Archivera, Sanlucar de Barrameda, Cádiz, España
Nikola Drvendžija, ekonomist, Hrvatska
Nikola Đapić, fireman, Croatia
Nikola Križanac, visual communications designer, Sinj, Croatia
Nikola Vukobratović, historian, Archive of the Serbian Community in Croatia, Zagreb
Nikola Vuletić, Sveučilište u Zadru, Hrvatska
Nikolina Majdak, artist, Croatia
Nikolina Tičinović, teacher, Split, Croatia
Nina Čolović, linguist, Archive of Serbs in Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia
Nina Pjevac, Glina, Croatia
nino vozac croatia
Noam Chomsky, linguist, USA
Noemi Calvo, arqueología, Spain
Nur Ihsan D, archaeologist, Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia
Olga Manojlović Pintar, Historian, Institut for Recent History of Serbia
Olga Skendzic, ekonomski tehnicar, Italija
Olja Alvir, author, Vienna, Austria (and elsewhere)
Oliva Ferro, médico pediatra, Spain
Olivier RAY, chômeur, France
Onésimo T. Almeida, Brown University, USA
Órla Nic Giolla Rua, teacher, County Down, Ireland
Óscar Villarquide, reprograph. Viveiro, Galiza
Oula Seitsonen, archaeologist, University of Oulu, Finland
Pablo Aragón, anthropologist and archaeologist, Spain
Pablo Camarero, Músico, Galiza, Spain
Pablo Fernández-Miranda, Escritor
Pablo Gutiérrez, Archaeologist, Spanish National Research Council, Spain
Pablo Mayoral, editor, España
Panos Balomenos, visual artist and educator, Finland - Greece
pasko burđelez, gardner / artist, croatia
Pascual Moreno Torregrosa Ingeniero Agrònomo València Spain
Pat Kane, Retired miner, West Lothian U.K.
Patrice Leguérinais, France
Patricia Huerta, Arquitecto, España
Patricia Karp, France
Patricia Mañana Borrazás, archaeologist, Spain
Paul Burke, Retired, Ireland
Paul Cockerton, journalist, UK
Paul Taylor, olive farmer, Catalunya
Paula Godinho, anthropologist, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Paula Loura Batista, Historiadora da Arte, Portugal
Paulette Steve, Algoma University, Canada
Paulo Esperança, Dirigente Associativo, Portugal
Paulo Morgado, Professor, Portugal
Paulo Tojeira, PhD Professor, Portugal
Pilar Caballero Beltran, No, España
Pedro Alemán Almeda
Pedro Barros, archaeologist, Portugal
Pedro Jimenez, Pensionista spain Barcelona
Pedro Luís, Health assistant, Portugal
Pedro Ramos Pérez, archaeologist, Valencia, Spain
Pedro Rodriguez Simon, Archaeologist, Spain
Pedro Schacht Pereira, Professor, Ohio State University, USA
Pere Sala, Librarian, Spain
Petar Trninić, Nederland
Peter Korchnak, author and artist, USA
Petra Dražić, psychologist, Croatia
Plaza Monique, Chercheur, France
Porfirio Silva, philosopher, Lisboa, Portugal
Predrag Prica, dipl.inž.el. Croatia
Primitiu Llansola, Jubilado, Barcelona Espana
Puri, employee, particular, España
R. Salvador Sánchez Honrubia
Rada Olbina, PhD Chemistry, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Rade Tanjga, artist, Croatia
Radoslav Đorđević, inžinjer strojarstva, Hrvatska
Radoslav Iliev, cultural heritage expert and conservator, Classical Lyceum of Sofia University, Bulgaria
Rafa Castillo, Secretario de ayuntamiento de A Pobra do Brollón, España
Rafaela Alves, Archaeologist, Master Student of the University of Coimbra, Portugal
Rajko Grlic, Film Director, Croatia
Ramón Fábregas Valcarce, Archaeologist, Spain
Ramón Franquesa, Economist, Fil Roig Catalunya
Ramón Rodríguez Sánchez, Barcelona, Spain
Ranka Gulta,free human,Croatia
Ranko Britvic, dipl.iur, Croatia
Raphael Greenberg, archaeologist, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Rafael Micó, professor, Barcelona, Spain
Rafael Nuñez Martin, jubilado, Jarama80, spain
Rafael Rodríguez, archaeologist, Pontevedra,s County Council, Spain
Raquel Bello-Morales
Raquel Franca, educadora de infância, Lisboa, Portugal
Raquel Miragaia Rodrigues, teacher, Portugal
Raul Garcia Rodriguez, UNECE’s REM member, Spain
Raül Quevedo, music, Catalunya
Raül Valls, philosophy, Olot, Catalunya
Ratomir Vranješ, umirovljenik, Hrvatska
Réau Clément, Medical student, Université Paris V Descartes, France
Rebeca Blanco-Rotea, archaeologist, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Rebecca Churchill
Rebecca Lambert, Postgraduate Student, University of the Highlands and Islands, UK
Réginald Auger, Professor, Université Laval, Canada
Régulo Algarra, sailor, AGE, Spain
Reinhard Bernbeck, archaeologist, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Remei, Administrativa, Barcelona Spain
Renato Baricevic, prof., Rijeka, Croatia
Renato Pinto, historian and archaeologist, Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Brazil
Reyes Perez
Richard Bradford, retired, US
Ricardo Noronha, Historian, IHC (NOVA FCSH), Portugal
Rino Lamonaca, tecnico, Italia
Rober, Spain
Robert Grun, employé syndicaliste, France
Roberto García Porras, Automation Engineer, Spain
Roberto Pena, arqueólogo Galicia
Roberto Risch, Archaeologist, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelòna, Spain
Roberto Zvjerković, software engineer, Croatia
Rodrigo Paulos Bravo, archeologist, Complutense University of Madrid
Rory O'Brien, teacher, Spain
Rosa Albertí Ferreries, Republicana
Rosa Martínez, Museóloga, España
Rosa Ribell Boada, jubilada, Sabadell, Barcelona
Ruffieux Léo, Student, Switzerland
Rui Aldegalega, historian, Portugal
Rui Bebiano, historian, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Rui Bordalo, researcher, Portugal
Rui Gomes Coelho, archaeologist, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Rui Marques Ramos, Técnico de Desenho, Adolfo Assis Ramos e de Maria de Lurdes Veiga Marques Ramos, PortugalRamos
Rui Vieira, Viticultor, Portugal
Ruth Pliego, Spain
Ruth Steindling, Retired, Austria
Ruth Van Dyke, archaeologist, Binghamton University, USA
Sabina Redondo, psicopedagoga, Barcelona, Spain
Sabrine Lemoine, France
Sam Hardy, cultural property criminologist, Norwegian Institute in Rome, University of Oslo, Norway
Sandra Kasunić, social worker, Croatia
Sanja Cvijanović, profesorica engleskoga jezika, Hrvatska
Sanja Konjević, E. Engineer, Croatia
Sanja Horvatinčić, art historian, Institute of Art History, Croatia
Sanja Petrović Todosijević, historian, Institute for Recent History of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia
Santiago Chamorro Fernández, technical, Madrid,Spain
Santiago Macías, fundador de la Asociación para la Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica. España
Sara Elías, bookseller, Basque Country
Sara Simões, archaeologist, University of Cambridge, UK
Sare Antifaxista, Euskal erakunde antifaxista (Basque Country)
Saša Lončarić, HAO, Zagreb, Croatia
Sašo Jerše, historian, University Ljubljana, Slovenia
Sauton Claude, retraité, France
Schneider, Dr. Ulrich, Historian, Secretary General of FIR, Gemany
Sean Cope, artist, California, USA
Sébastien Vecchiato, student, Luxembourg
Senad Lacevic, social worker, Vienna, Austria
Sergio Balchada Outeiral, Historiador, España
Sergio Benítez, Bibliotecario, Izquierda Unida, Madrid
Silvia, jubilat, Tarragona, Catalonia
Silvia Graciela Fois, Bibliotecaria FFyH UNC
Simione Alain, retraité banque, Marseille, France
Simon Pollentine, retired, United Kingdom
Simona Ognjanović, art historian, Serbia
Siniša Miličić, sindikalist, Hrvatska
Slađana Vasiljević, novinarka, Srbija
Slaven Kosanovic, artist, Croatia
Slavica Miletić, književni prevodilac, Srbija
Slavica Ristic, CEO, Proventus LLC, Irvine, CA USA
Slavica Stojanovic, activist, Serbia
Slobodan Neskovic el. ing., Čačak, Srbija
Slobodanka Poštić, prof., Croatia
Snežana Žabić, teacher, Chicago, IL, USA
Snjezana Celanovic, Croatia
Snježana Banović, Academy of Drama Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Snježana Koren, historian, Croatia
Sofia Bernardes
Sofia Perez Fernandez, risk prevention technician, Spain
Sónia Gabriel, Zooarchaeologist, Ministry of Culture, Portugal
Sónia Morgado, art historian, Portugal
Sonia Rubio, architect, UK
Sonja Biserko, Helsinski odbor za ljudska prava u Srbiji, Srbija
Sophie Ristelhueber, artist, France
Srđan Damnjanović, Novi Sad, Srbija
Srđan Dvornik, freelance translator, Croatia
Srđan Kovačević, filmski snimatelj, Croatia
Srđan Milošević, Historian, Center for Historical Studies and Dialogue, Serbia
Srdjan Radović, anthropologist, Etnografski institut, Belgrade - Serbia
Srečko Blazicko, Hrvatska, Kumrovec
Srećko Vukmirović, umirovljenik, Srbija
Stella Pilavaki, Rock Art Researcher, Greece
Stelios Lekakis, Cultural Heritage Management Consultant, Newcastle University, UK
Stephanie Crystaal, dairy goat farmer, Catalunya
Steve Roskams, Archaeologist, York, UK
Stuart Craft, England
Suzana Kačić-Bartulović, profesorica, Split, Croatia
Suzana Pupovac, Benkovac, Croatia
Suzana Sudar, journalist, Serbia
Sylvie Darracq, conseillère municipale, France
Svebor Delić, humanista, Sarajevo
Tadeusz Malinowski, skipper, anarchist, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Tamara Bjazic Klarin, researcher, Institute of art history, Croatia
Tamara Ražov, art historian, Croatia
Tania Wolfs, Belgium
Tatjana Protulipac, Hrvatska
Taxio Ardanaz, artist, Basque country
Tia Glavočić, anthropologist, Croatia
Timur Križak, prof., Zagreb, Hrvatska
Tina Divić, visual artist, art teacher, Krvavica, Croatia
Tina Leisch, Film-, Text- und Theaterarbeiterin, Wien
Teresa Rita Pereira, archaeologist, University of Lisbon - CEA-MAEDS/AMRS, Portugal
Teresa Sanz Marín, Jubilada, España
Thomas Kador, University College London, UK
Thomas Woloszyn, Research and development specialist @ Center for Contemporary and Digital History, Luxembourg
Thirionet, retraitée, Belgique
Tomer T. Nachman - Ribar (and the Ribar family of ex- SFR Yugoslavia)
Tomislav Augustinčić, ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, Croatia
Tomislav Lulić, inženjer računarstva, Hrvatska
Tomislav Matijašević, Inženjer u pomorstvu, Hrvatska
Tomislav Šapić, technologist/lecturer, Lakehead University, Canada
Tomljenović Prica Vanja, dipl. inž. šum., Croatia
Tomo Šipek, Koprivnica, Croatia
Tonći Vuković, ekonomist, Split, Croatia
Umberto Albarella, archaeologist, UK
Ursula Knoll, writer, Austria
Valerio Uvarov Danilov, Moscú, Rusia
Vanessa de Almeida, antropóloga, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Vanda Šajer, Croatia
Vanja Koprcina, early years educator, United Kingdom
Vanja Tataj Štok , prof., Croatia
Vasco Leitão de Matos, estudante, Portugal
Vasilis Manousakis, Historian, Greece
Vasilis Tsobris, Social Worker, Greece
Vasileios Dagdilelis, Ret. Professor, Greece
Vatroslav Miloš, Zagreb, Croatia
Vedrana Bibić, administrator, Croatia
Vedrana Drvendzija, tehničar, Hrvatska
Vera Duarte, Nurse, Belgium
Vera Marques Alves, IHC, New University of Lisbon, Portugal
Verena Brandner, Filmmaker, Austria
Venancio Barroso, metalurgico, España
Veronika Duma, historian, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Vesna Alač, dipl iur, Split, Croatia
Vesna Demajo, biolog u penziji, Srbija
Vesna Lukic, Middlesex University, UK
Vesna Sunjic, i Herzegovina
Vesna Teršelič, Center for Dealing with the Past, Croatia
Vesna Vuković, curator, BLOK, Zagreb
Vicenç Armero Calleja, jubilat, Catalunya
Vicente Lull, Archaeologist, Professor, Spain
Vicepresidente Adar Agrupacion Catalana-Norte-Balear
Víctor Bejega García, arqueólogo, España
Victor Dominguez Perles, professor, militant de ls CUP, Catalunya
Víctor Manuel García, veterinarian ,universidad leon, Spain
Victor Paulo Gomes da Silva, professor universitário, filho de Anacleto Gomes da Silva e de Engrácia de Jesus Luzia da Silva, Portugal
Victoria Jiménez Ángel, trabajadora social, agrupación Marx Madera, España
Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, India
Vilejka Matošić, Croatia
Virgil Brill, Rêveur d’images, France
Visnja Corkovic Kapetanovic, lawyer, Croatia/Canada/Serbia
Višnja Kukoč, PhD in architecture, Croatia
Vitalino Paulo Sousinha, Desenhador reformado, Portugal
Vítor Dias, publisher, Lisbon
Vítor Serrão, art historian, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Vitor Simoes, Aposentado, Portugal
Vítor Zacarias da Piedade Sousa, Reformado, Portugal
Vittorio E. Pisu, architecte, Italia
Vjeran Pavlaković, historian, University of Rijeka, Croatia
Vladan Vukliš, historian and senior archivist, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Vladimir Cvetković, sociologist, UK
Vladimir Kulić, architectural historian, Iowa State University, USA
Vladimir Šepčić, umirovljenik, Hrvatska
Vladimir Us, artist, Moldova
Vukadin Milasinovic, translator, France
Washington Castro Méndez, ex-Docente Universidad delTrabajo del Uruguay, Barcelona, Spain
Wilfried Pennetier, consultant, France
Xavier Costa Granell, University of Valencia, Spain
Xaxier Vilert Soler, jubilat, 38763707J, Spain
Xesus Vila Regueiro Galicia España
Xosé Lois Carrión, journalist, Asociación de Amigos da República de Ourense, Spain
Xosé Manuel Fernández Santamarina, veterinarian, Vilalba, Lugo, Galiza
Xurxo Ayán Vila, archaeologist, New University of Lisbon, Portugal
Yaacov Falkov, Tel Aviv University lecturer, Israel
Yannis Hamilakis, archaeologist, Brown University, USA
Yeisan Morales Nieva, Sanitary, Spain
Yolanda Amaro, Escairón, Galicia
Yolanda Porto Tenreiro, conservator-restorer, Galicia, Spain
Zalega Dariusz, journalist, Poland
Zdravko Filipovic, dipl. ing. agronomie, Podgorica, Montenegro
Zdravko Mulić dipl. oec., Hrvatska
Zdravko Roje, Assist Prof, MD, Plastic Surgeon, Croatia
Zivka Medic, umirovljenica, Croatia
Zlatko Nikolić, student, Workers front, Croatia
Zoe Crossland, Columbia University, USA
Zoran Ćuk, graphic designer, Croatia
Zoran Radman, doktor političkih znanosti, Hrvatska
Zvjezdan Petrović, Bosna i Hercegovina
Žaklina Radoš, teacher, Croatia
Žarko Opacic, E.Engineer, Munich, Germany
Želimir Brala, Zagreb, Croatia
Željko Lužaić, entrepreneur, Croatia
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