Sustainable Business Evaluation
Thank you for taking time to apply for the Detroit Green Map ( Over the next 25 minutes, a series of prompts will ask you to self-rate the sustainability of your business or organization's practices in the following categories:

- Products and Services
- Waste
- Energy
- Water
- Transportation
- Supply Chain
- Climate Action
- Social Responsibility

1. Self rate your sustainability performance.

For each question, choose your level of perceived performance (1 = less environmentally/socially responsible to 5 = very environmentally/socially responsible). You can consult our Green Tips page to understand what constitute green practices that can get you "on the map!"

We encourage you to complete all categories. If you don't know how to respond to a question, select the "Less Green" option and explain where you had questions or need additional support in the text box. You can reference a companion document to see all questions at once on our "Join" page (

You can always edit your responses after you submit, so if you want to skip ahead by entering placeholder data until you decide how you'd like to respond, that is fine too.

2. Tell us your sustainability story !!

At the end of each category, we will turn the text over to you and provide you with a text box to share your stories. This is a chance for you to shelf any jargon or stock-and-ready promotional phrasing and really tell us what you've been through when it comes to implementing sustainable practices through your own words. Feel free to unabashedly exclaim your successes and disclose where you have experienced roadblocks or fallen short on the path to a more sustainable business. All we ask is that your responses are honest.

3. Earn at least one badge and we'll publish your story on the map.

Organizations that demonstrate leadership in sustainability based on the self-rating system can earn a "badge" by category. These badges are meant to signify an outstanding commitment in a particular category, and are displayed if you feel the organization is "Overall" scoring 4 out of 5 or higher in that category.

By submitting this form, you are consenting to have your responses published on your public profile page if Detroit Green Map accepts your application once you've earned at least one badge. You are also consenting to have your information shared with other businesses within the community through newsletters and other forms of internal communication in order to foster connections. You may be asked to help lead others or you may receive support if you request this. In the event your application is not accepted for public posting, your responses will remain private.

4. Share your Detroit Green Map profile page link!

Applying for and maintaining your profile page on Detroit Green Map is free! Once you're on the map, you'll also have a profile page featuring your stories and successes that you can share with your customers, partners, and other stakeholders! Detroit Green Map will also publicly announce and share your page with our community followers.

Have fun, and send any questions, any time, to
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NEXT: Self-Rated Questionnaire
In each of the following sections you will be asked to self-rate your performance in a variety of areas related to sustainability. A rating of 0 means none of the practices apply to your business, 1 means the practice could apply to your business, but you aren't pursuing it, and 5 means that you going above and beyond to incorporate and innovate these best practices.

Check the box at the bottom of the page for each topic you wish to learn more about. In each area, we have listed example practices that are likely to align with higher ratings. These are only examples, and we encourage you to elaborate on your own experiences. At the end of each section there will be a text field where you can tell the story of you and your organizations journey to become more sustainable.
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