Landowner Worksheet
The following information needs to be completed and returned to UOL as the first steps in our conservation process. Please answer all questions below. Completion of this form does not constitute Utah Open Lands’ board approval and/or acceptance of any interest in the delineated property. Any questions on this form or other matters, should be directed to 801.463.6156 or

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I am interested in having UOL
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Your name:
Landowner name (the name under which the property is owned: joint tenancy names, trust name, LLC, etc):
Your Mailing Address:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Location of Property (street address, or address from property tax notice, or legal description) include Township/City, State:
Parcel ID# or Tax ID# of all parcels in consideration (even if only partial parcel(s)):
Current Use:
Documents you could provide to UOL for Baseline Documentation work:
Timeframe for preservation:
Has the property been appraised?
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If yes, when?
Was the appraisal for
When was the most recent title report issued?
Are there any title issues that you are aware of which would prevent a grant of a conservation easement?
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Are there any liens or mortgages on the property?
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If yes, can the liens or mortgages be made subordinate to the easement?
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Of the existing easements on the property, are there rights-of-way easements that should be vacated prior to the grant?
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How long have you owned the property?
Are the mineral interests severed from the property?
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Are there trails currently on this property open to the public?
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Will this property be publicly accessible?
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Are there trails, trailheads, or public viewing areas contemplated for this property?
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What is the proximity of this property to other protected lands (county, state, federal, non governmental)?
What is the proximity of this property to development or planned development?
Is this open space being dedicated as part of a planned development or through a regulatory process requiring that a certain amount of acreage be set aside?
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Are you willing to contribute to Utah Open Lands' Fund, specifically for this property?
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Have you contacted any other organizations about the preservation of your land?
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If yes, which ones?
Why are you not working with any of the above organizations?
Are you aware of any toxic or hazardous materials on the property?
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By initialing here, you are giving UOL authorization to represent to our funding partners your potential interest.
I agree to review and understand the compendium Utah Open Lands 'Landowner Guide' 
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Finally, what continued uses and reserved rights do you want to maintain or establish on the property?
By submitting this Landowner Worksheet you are attesting you have answered the above questions to the best of your knowledge.
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