IFIO Basic Couples Training - Registration Form
This program is open to graduates of the IFS Level 1. This training will run over two sessions: September 30th to October 5th and December 2nd to 7th, 2020 near Asheville, North Carolina. This is a retreat-style training, which means that lodging and meals are provided at the training site.
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Application Questions
Please respond to the following questions with as much detail as possible.
When did you attend your IFS Level 1 Training and who were the lead trainers? *
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Please describe your comfort level with unblending and un-burdening. *
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Are you a couple's therapist? If yes, what is your training? *
If not, what is your interest in this training?
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Retreat options
The remaining questions pertain to lodging and meals during the training.
What is your lodging preference?
Bend of Ivy has an odd assortment of rooms: singles (very limited), doubles, triples, and quads. As a result, room types will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Please indicate your order of rooming preference, if you would like to stay on site. If you plan to commute to the training site, then that will be your first and only choice. Please do not check an option that you would not be willing to accept. The following is a list of room choices and their respective total costs, including meals and tuition, for both weeks of the training.
First choice
Second choice
Third choice
Fourth choice
Triple/quad ($3990)
Double ($4200)
Single ($4620)
Commuting - lunches provided ($3410)
Roommate request
Already have a roommate in mind? Please provide their name(s) here.
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Do you have any dietary restrictions?
In regards to meals provided during the training.
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Please tell us about any special needs you have so that we may best accommodate you.
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