SumSoc Circuit (Monday nights)
Teams will be chosen by the first 8 teams that register and meet the criteria.

The SumSoc circuit will run very closely to how OCS is. It is great way for your team to gain competitive experience. This also means teams must be organized, prepared and ready!

Your team must be able to play each Monday night for 9 weeks this includes finals.

Teams can have a max of 5 subs and min of 2.

Teams need to be willing to scrim other teams (A scrim chat will be provided).

Teams must use the tournament discord provided.

(More information will be provided if you are approved to participate)

Time slots:
6:15pm GAME ONE
7:15pm GAME TWO
9:15pm GAME FOUR

Week 1: Monday: 26/06/17
Week 2: Monday: 03/07/12
Week 3: Monday: 10/07/17
Week 4: Monday: 17/07/17
Week 5: Monday: 24/07/17
Week 6: Monday: 31/07/17
Week 7: Monday: 07/08/17
Week 8: Monday: 14/08/17
Finials: Sunday 27/08/17
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