KCC Valentines Day Gram
We are hosting a Valentines Day Singing Gram Fundraiser!

We have two options available!

1. (GENERAL GRAM) You may send us a typed note that we will include in an email and send with the video of some of our KCC kids singing a Valentine song for $10.


2. (SPECIALIZED GRAM) You may send us a message to be edited directly into a video that will sent to your loved one (this includes your typed text or a short video of you speaking to your loved one (15 seconds or less, to be emailed to andy@kalamazoochildrenschorus.org), and our Valentine song video for $20.

General Gram Submissions are due by: Feb. 5th
Specialized Gram Form Submissions are due by: Jan. 30th

All Valentine Grams will be sent out between Feb. 8th & 14th
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