NMASAP 2015 Call for Proposals

All Program Proposals are due Sunday, August 30th at 11:59pm MDT. No priority is given to earlier submissions, but late submissions will not be accepted. Proposals for all types of presentations are being accepted including but not limited to; workshops, lectures, panels etc...

Programs proposals are welcomed in the following areas:

• Education & Training (for attendees to improve their own understanding and/or practices for students’ education)
• Events/Activities (one-time or recurring events or programs that address an issue of equity)
• Housing (practices and policies for creating an inclusive and safe on-campus housing environment)
• Student Success Programs (presentations on services and resources that target a certain demographic of students with the support of mentors and/or professional staff)
• Open Track (presentations that may not fit into the above categories)

Program presentations will be classified by the original "big eight" social identifiers

• Ability (mental and/or physical)
• Age
• Ethnicity
• Gender
• Race
• Religion
• Sexual Orientation
• Socio-Economic Status/Class
• Other (social identifier not listed above)

Also by the amount of previous knowledge/experience needed to fully enjoy the presentation

• Beginner (no previous knowledge on topic needed)
• Intermediate (some previous knowledge preferred)
• Advance (previous knowledge and/or experience needed)

All presentations are 50 minutes in length unless special requests are made for a longer period of time. Presentations should demonstrate and exemplify scientifically based best practices in education and support programs for higher education students. The committee will evaluate proposals based on the alignment to the symposium theme, the expertise of presenters, and quality of the presentation. All presenters are expected to provide participants with handouts or other tangible products summarizing their presentations (at least 30 copies please.)

Please note the following:

• Proposals must be received through this form by Sunday August 2nd, 2015 11:59pm.
• To ensure consideration for inclusion in the program, please complete the entire proposal. Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed.
• You will be informed of your submission status no later than September 2nd, 2015.
• Alternate programs may be selected past September 2nd if a previously selected presenter can no longer present.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does NMASAP cover presenter expenses?
• Due to our budget limitations only half of the presenters Symposium fee will be waived in the amount of $75.

I need audio visual equipment, what does NMASAP provide?
• The Symposium will provide LCD projectors and computers for presentations. Wi-Fi Internet connection will be available. Presenters are responsible for any additional AV equipment.

I cannot stay for the entire symposium may I choose when I present?
• All presenters must be willing to present at any time during the Symposium as scheduled by the Program Committee. However, if you are selected to present at a time that does not work for you please contact us and we will try to work with you.

I am a Vendor, may I submit a proposal?
• This is a not for profit, non-commercial association. No, you may not submit one.

My question was not answered here :(
• For additional email Marlene Smith at msmith29@unm.edu