Ramadan Program Leaders
May 5th to June 6th
285 East Airport Ave. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Contact us at: Brmuslimsisters@gmail.com

Islamic Center of Baton Rouge (ICBR) is searching for youth leaders to support community activities this Ramadan.
ICBR is looking for volunteers to lead a program for 7-12 year old girls and boys. Volunteers are expected to be here from Ishaa until the end of Taraweeh. Therefore, they must be at the masjid for Ishaa prayer. Leaders for the girls' group will meet in the young muslimah room upstairs. Leaders for the boys' group will meet in the cafeteria. Leaders are responsible for coming on time and preparing an approved lesson or activity. If you cannot make it for your assigned day for any reason, you MUST have a substitute leader (must be 18 or older) and inform program leadership as directed.

This program will allow you the opportunity to utilize your leadership skills in service to Allah SWT and the community. Upon request, volunteers can receive a recommendation letter from ICBR and documented volunteer hours.
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