Hachnasat Orchim Shabbat Lunch -- October 13, 2018
October 12-13, 2018 will be our Hachnasat Orchim Shabbat.

We will have our annual Shabbat lunch where we hope every family in Kesher either hosts or is hosted by another family - a Mitzvah we learn from Avraham's opening of his tent in Parshat Vayeira (even though it will take place before Parshat Vayeira this year). We will also again be having our family-friendly Kabbalat Shabbat followed by a communal dinner in the shul.

As Kesher continues to grow, this is an opportunity for Kesher members to have an opportunity to share a meal with people they have not yet had the chance to get to know, in order to strengthen ties between all community members.

We ask that every family at Kesher complete this form for Shabbat lunch. You have the option to sign up to be a host, a guest or to let us know if you are unable to participate. It is very important to complete it even if you will not be participating.

Additional information regarding signing up for the Shabbat dinner will be forthcoming.

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