[Mock Test For B.Ed 1st & 2nd Semester Batch 2019 Jammu & Srinagar Districts Only]
Schedule: 31st May 2021,4:30 P.M

Refresh this page five minutes prior to the commencement of the examination.

No extension in the time allotted (20 Minutes) for this paper shall be expected from the examination team.

<< Recommended Browser: Google Chrome >>

1. Those candidates who get the link through WhatsApp group or SMS are suggested to copy the link and paste it into the browser (Chrome) instead of directly clicking on it as directly clicking , in most cases, causes the link to open in some other default ( incompatible) browser installed on your device.

2. Candidates are requested not to panic, if any of them gets some sort of images at the submission of the paper. Those images are not ads but some sort of verification from the Google for security purposes.
Candidates are advised not to leave that tab or close that tab or refresh that tab. Instead, they shall read and understand what is written above those images and accordingly act on those instructions.

For Example, Instructions (on top of those images ) can be like " SELECT ALL IMAGES WITH TRAFFIC LIGHTS". In this case, candidate shall select only those images in which "TRAFFIC LIGHTS " are shown and click Verify.

3. Candidate shall consider his/her paper submitted if and only if he/she gets the message "Thank You. Your Paper stand submitted. Visit DDE Website Regularly"

5. Some of the candidates don't receive 'response emails ' after the submission. The only reason behind this is the email id provided by the candidate at the start of the paper has typographical errors.

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